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USWO & TNA's Against All Odds 2007

December 25, 2006--USWO in Nashville before 326 fans at the Fairgrounds: Arrick Andrews b Jerry Lynn and A.M. Vision in a 3-WAY, Chase Stevens b Chris Michaels to win the USWO Heavyweight title. ..Athena managed earlier in the card for the first time in nearly a year..

January 12, 2007--USWO in Nashville before 94 fans: Chris Michaels b Jerry Lynn, Chase Stevens b Shawn Shultz

January 19, 2007--USWO in Nashville before 104 fans: Main Event: Jerry Lynn b Chris Michaels.

January 26, 2007--USWO in Nashville before 84 fans: Tasha Simone b MsChif, Chase Stevens vs Jerry Lynn ended in a No Contest.

Feb. 9, 2007--USWO Jerry Lynn b Kid Kash
Mid-South Wrestling message board

KK visits with fans in his own inimitable fashion, even TVD! Notable that Chicken Hat is absent for the third straight week. JL slingshots KK into the ring, but KK right back out to sit a woman's lap. Back in, they circle but KK suggests to ref RB that JL has something in his tights. They lockup and roll along the ropes, then JL sneaks up and schoolboys KK for 2. JL grabs an arm and drops knees on it. KK rolls back out and alerts the ref about various fans. Back in, KK backs JL into the corner. As RB steps in to separate them, KK slaps himself in the face and tries to blame it on JL, lol. Happens again, but this time JL really pops KK. KK pulls JL's legs out from under him, but JL arndrags KK out. More visitation with fans by KK, this time it's Charlie (who is in camo tonight). KK re-enters at 6 with a flashlight behind his back. RB sees it and takes it away as JL backdrops KK to the apron, then drops an elbow on him. JL slings KK into the corner, but gets punched when he follows. KK stomps JL, then both go out. KK rams JL into a chair then rakes his back several times. Back in, KK kicks JL's back, grabs a rear chinlock which becomes a sleeper. JL elbows out, but KK pops him in the mouth and boots his groin. KK goes for an abdominal stretch on the mat, biting JL's side. KK says he was better than RVD ever was. KK kicks to the ribs then butterflies JL's arms, placing his feet on JL's back. JL bridges Back for 2, then KK with a code red armbar for 2. KK gets all up in RB's face as JL hulks up. JL dropkicks twice and hits a side slam but KK rakes the eyes. LT Falk wanders out. KK blows snot at him, then takes a swat at him, but JL grabs KK and hits a cradle piledriver for the pin in 20:00

LT yells at KK, who now goes all postal. LT wants another match with KK, who calls him "a little prick". KK calls Tony a "USWA waterboy", and promises to make LT like Tony, that is "carrying bags, doing laundry, and wiping butts". KK throws out personalized insults and is flailing around until Krull drags him out kicking and screaming. Tony notes last week's match, saying that LT held his own against KK.

February 11, 2007
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
By: James Caldwell, Torch columnist


We start with a sign in the crowd: "Steiner stole Dutt's 'roids." Seriously, they started the show with that.

Live PPV review

6 -- CHRIS SABIN vs. JERRY LYNN -- X Division Title match

As Lynn stood in the ring with the full complement of lights, Tenay suddenly screamed, "Who turned the lights out?" West said Lynn can do things no other wrestlers can do in the ring. See, that's fine and dandy, but that doesn't mean the guy can win matches. It's not a strong endorsement of a wrestler. Lynn cleared Sabin to the outside early on and Sabin recovered in the ring. Sabin told the cameraman that he has him this time. Sabin then stalled for several minutes before the action spilled to the outside and Lynn sidestepped a splash causing Sabin to crash to the mat. Back in the ring, Sabin worked on Lynn's neck and back with a surfboard stretch. West said it was tough to watch...well, Lynn taking a beating from Sabin. Sabin mounted Lynn in the corner, then rubbed his face with his hands. Lynn made a comeback with right hand blows followed by a series of dropkicks, not showing any effects of the work on the back. Sabin cut off Lynn and hit a standing kick before landing a spinning powerbomb for a nearfall. Lynn quickly came back with a TKO for a nearfall, then he went for the cradle piledriver, but he held his back in pain. Sabin then rolled up Lynn and hooked the ropes for the win.

WINNER: Sabin in 14:00 to retain the X Division Title. Decent action at times, but fans have been trained not to care about the extensive work by the heel because it usually doesn't play into the finish. It did here, but because Sabin lacks credibility thanks to always cheating to win, the fans were quiet for the majority of the match. (**1/4)

They promoted the Ultimate X match for the March PPV. Tenay then said they would announce the new concept match on Spike tomorrow night.

by Richard Trionfo @ 11:49:00 AM on 2/12/2007
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I was in Orlando on Sunday night for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s second pay per view offering of 2007. Here my thoughts from inside the Impact Zone.

I thought the X Division title match was the best match of the night. I really liked the way that Sabin was avoiding Lynn at the start of the match because it is what you would expect a heel to do. I thought it was crazy that the crowd would chant ‘boring’ during this match, but I guess many of the fans demand a spot fest in every X Division match instead of a thirteen minute wrestling match that uses ring psychology. I think Chris Sabin did a good job as the heel, but he was not fully able to get the crowd to hate him as much as A.J. Styles during the previous match. If the situation was reversed and Jerry Lynn was the heel and Chris Sabin was the face, I think the match would have elicited a better response from most in the crowd.

Since they restarted the Basebrawl match after someone told the referee that Dale Torborg cheated, I would have expected to see someone in the X Division (maybe Senshi) come out and tell the referee that Sabin held the ropes to get the three count. I guess because a title was on the line, there was no need to have the injustice fixed. Maybe if Jerry Lynn was involved in a storyline with an athlete from a different sport, he might be the X Division champion right now.

by Mike Johnson @ 12:15:00 PM on 2/12/2007

With no Monday Night Raw tonight, SpikeTV will present a two-hour special titled "This is TNA!" at 9 PM Eastern featuring:

*Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle (first-ever match, Genesis 2006)

*NWA champion Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Abyss vs. Sting vs. Ron Killings- King of the Mountain (Slammiversary 2006)

*NWA Tag Team champions AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. LAX- Six Sides of Steel (Bound for Glory 2006)

*NWA champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting with Kurt Angle as the official Enforcer (Bound for Glory 2006)

*Christian Cage vs. Rhino - 8 Mile Streetfight (Bound for Glory 2006)

*A countdown of TNA's "Greatest Moments"

*A look at the X-Division

*A look back at TNA's history

Talent advertised for the special are Kurt Angle, Sting, Christian Cage, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe and Chris Sabin.
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