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TNA (and UWF) March - April 2007 (Destination X & Lockdown results)

Another UWF Gainesville Live Report
Saturday, March 3 2007 - 1:59 PM
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from Larry Goodman:

Hermie Sadler’s UWF made their Georgia debut at the Mountain Center in Gainesville last night.

(2) D-Lo Brown & Jerry Lynn beat The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) in 10:03. Big pop for the babyface team, especially for D-Lo, who was wearing his working shoes this night. Naturals tried to jump the faces, but Lynn and Brown cleared the ring, finishing with pescados in stereo. Lynn and Brown used some sweet combo moves in the early going. Naturals can bump. But when Lynn tried an up-and-over, Stevens kicked a field goal with his nuts. Referee Earl Hebner failed to see Lynn’s tag and Brown went off on him. Douglas gave Lynn a diving headbutt to the groin and Lynn went cross-eyed selling it. The crowd got behind Lynn. He went through the legs to make a tag. Brown cleaned house with leg lariats. He hit a diving lariat on Stevens and Douglas saved. Lynn hit the slice-n-dice legdrop on Douglas and Brown finished Stevens with the . Good match.

3/3 UWF in Chattanooga, TN Results (Steiner, Rikishi, Lita, more)
Questions? Comments?

Jerry Lynn & Petey Williams d. The Naturals

Jerry Lynn put the "rest" in "wrestling" in this match and the crowd was pretty dead except for some guy who kept calling the naturals gay. There were some good spots in this match but it was worked to fill time...and it did. Still not a bad match though, just slower than it should have been.

Les Thatcher @ 11:28:00 AM on 3/8/2007

I was excited for the return of Jerry Lynn to TNA's line up. Now all we need for someone there to understand is that the talented veteran doesn't need ladders, tables, or every match to be a multi-man extravaganza. Please just give an athletic, wrestler with good skills (like Sabin, Shelly, etc) and let him work his magic in a program with that wrestler over a period of time, and I think he will do more to elevate the X Division then all the comedy skits rolled together.

Join Les and co-host Doc Young every Tuesday night 8 till 10 PM EST with their special guests on the award winning Internet talk show "Wrestling Weekly" at


They suddenly went back to Cornette's office where random people were screaming and hollering. Cornette granted James Storm & Jackie Moore a double bull rope match against Petey Williams & Gail Kim. Cornette then addressed Chris Sabin, who was doing the old man gimmick. He gave Sabin a two-out-of-three falls match against Jerry Lynn. Backlund jumped onto Cornette's office and wanted to know if he could special referee the Austin Starr vs. Senshi match. Cornette rejected that offer, then said the match could only be won by using the Chicken wing. Backlund left, then we saw Christy Hemme sitting in the corner waiting for her turn. She said she said she wanted VKM at the PPV. Cornette made some sexist jokes, then Christy said she had a surprise team to face VKM. Cornette gave her the match, then shooed her away. And Leticia just stood there the whole time holding the mic.

Elevation: McNEILL previews TNA Destination X!
By Pat McNeill, Torch Columnist
Mar 10, 2007, 12:04

Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn (TNA X Division Title – 2/3 Falls): This is TNA, and they are wrestling, so the over-under on the length of this two out of three falls title match is what...ten minutes? Projection? Sabin wins the third and deciding fall with a handful of tights.

TNA Destination X Results (03/11/07)

Video package of Jerry Lynn, Chris Sabin and their upcoming match.

The X Factors are shown before Jerry Lynn makes his
way to the ring, Sabin quickly after. Sabin and Lynn
trade pops by the fans on the top ropes. Bell rings,
they tie up. Lynn with a side head lock, reversal by
Sabin. Sabin pushes Lynn, Lynn pushes Sabin down.
Sabin delivers a kick to Lynn's stomach, slap to the
face, deep arm drag on Sabin, standing drop-kick by
Lynn. On the outside, Lynn chases Sabin around the
ring. Sabin into the ring, Lynn follows and Sabin
issues a few stomps. Lynn reversal, standing
huracanrana. Sends Sabin into the ropes, tilt-a-whirl
back breaker. Two count. Lynn places Sabin in an arm
bar. Typical rest hold. Stand up, Lynn into the ropes,
shoulder block. Sabin with a rising knee into Lynn's
gut. Sabin drop-kicks Lynn to the outside. Sabin
attempts a knee lift to Lynn on the outside, but
misses horribly. Sabin throws Lynn into the guard
rail. Sabin attempts baseball slide. Lynn catches him
and pancakes Sabin on the guard rail. Lynn back in the
ring, Sabin slingshots over with an elbow. Two count.
Sabin throws Lynn into the corner, Sabin rushes him,
Lynn pushes off. Tornado DDT. 1-2-3. Jerry Lynn
receives Fall 1. Lynn gloats in the ring, dancing
around trying to taunt Sabin. To the outside, Lynn
sends Sabin over the guard rail. Lynn climbs the ring,
off the middle rope, backwards springboard into Sabin
behind the guard rail. Back in the ring, Lynn to the
top rope, Sabin up and pushes Lynn down. Spin kick to
the back of Lynn's head. Sabin attempts a huracanrana,
Lynn turns it into a roll up, two count. Sabin with a
shoulder breaker into a sidewalk slam on Lynn. Two
count. Sabin attempts a choke in the middle of the
ring. Obvious rest hold number two. Stand up, Lynn off
the ropes, cross body block, two count. Sabin with a
drop kick to Lynn's knee. Sabin charges Lynn, sunset
flip, Lynn gets a two count. Lynn rushes Sabin,
attempts to lock his neck, Sabin catches him and power
bombs. Sabin places feet on the ropes, 1-2-3. Sabin
receives Fall 2. Three two counts in a row, Lynn kicks
out. Back breaker on Lynn. Sabin spring board, taunts
Lynn and fist drop misses. Lynn off the ropes, two
shoulder blocks into a flying forearm. Lynn gets a two
count. Belly to back suplex on Sabin, two count. Lynn
in the corner, Sabin rushes into Lynn, big boot to
Lynn's jaw. Cradle Shock, two count. Sabin attempts a
Cradle Piledriver. Reversal by Lynn into his own
Cradle Piledriver. Sabin with another Cradle Shock
after interference on the outside by a masked figure.
1-2-3. Sabin receives Fall 3.

Post-Match the masked figure comes in, Angel's Wings
on Sabin. It turns out to be Christopher Daniels.
Daniels picks up the belt and smacks Lynn with it.
Last Rites. Daniels leaves the ring.

(Eval- Excellent match, I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm so glad Christopher Daniels is back. With a beard! He looks good. Bigger, thicker and more powerful. Rating- ****)

TNA DESTINATION X PPV ROUNDTABLE: Keller, Caldwell, Mitchell, Radican, McNeill
Mar 12, 2007, 13:39

Bruce Mitchell, Torch columnist (3.5): Kurt Angle's match with Scott Steiner did nothing for Angle's self-proclaimed "greatest wrestler in the world" reputation At least Joe is still over with most of the Impact Zone fans. No one else really was. He and Jeff Jarrett, I mean Christian Cage, had a decent match until the usual predictable run-in nonsense and a horrible finish that sure taught Joe who was boss. Jerry Lynn and Chris Sabin had a good match, too.

by Richard Trionfo @ 11:44:00 AM on 3/12/2007

Live Thoughts from Destination X

I thought the Lynn/Sabin match was going to be the match of the night because of the two people in the match. Unfortunately for these two men, there was a disturbance in the crowd that had most of the fans in the Impact Zone care more about that than the match. I liked that they did not have a quick first fall and while I was hoping to see Jerry Lynn win the title, as soon as Lynn won the first fall I expected that Sabin would retain the title. At least the second fall, not the third one was the result of a foot on the rope. I wish the match had gone more than the thirteen plus minutes it got. I hoped it would get around twenty to showcase Sabin and Lynn.

I wonder if they will explain why Christopher Daniels came to the ring wearing a Sting mask. Is he a follower of Sting's gospel? With his new look, Christopher Daniels looks a little like Morris O'Brien from 24. With Daniels attacking both men, it sets up Daniels as the next challenger for Sabin, but also keeps the possibility of Lynn in the title picture.

What You Didn't See On TNA's Destination X
Reported by
Ryan Gray on 03/12/2007

Thanks to Brian Frederick for sending the following report:

Major controversy broke out during the X Division match, not sure how it came off on TV but a brawl broke out in the main Pit seating area and all the fans rushed to it just like when the boys fight in the crowd. TNA security, Orlando PD and a few on-lookers kind of broke it up and removed a few un-ruly parties from the arena. However one man protested and started a fight back up again prompting Don Harris to apply a rear naked choke to the man that I swear would kill a gorilla. This is when the TNA chant started in the crowd. It was really something else to see and I hope it didn't take away from the match on TV.

Destination X feedback including more reports of difficulties ordering the PPV
Monday, March 12 2007

2/3 Falls Match- What can I say? A solid match between two solid wrestlers. Lynn went all out tonight, pulling out aerial moves that people half his age can only dream of doing. Extra special praise to both men for working through the distractions in the crowd (looked to be a fight), continuing the match while the crowd was completely uninterested due to other things happening. Some people may not like the finish, and I can see why...and I actually would agree, if it didn't involve a great return. Yeah, that's right, the surprise return of Christopher Daniels, only a bit different than anyone of us have ever seen from him. From the looks of it, Daniels is about to be used heavily in TNA, and is being given an interesting direction to move in. Everything involved in this was top notch stuff. ***1/2

from JE:
I'll agree Sabin-Lynn was too short – but they had to give that camera time to VKM and the Heartbreakers. However, regarding the Sabin-Lynn match, with last night's show, I will take whatever I can get. However, did the return of Daniels seem so anti-climatic. They should have turned off the lights and done a big production.

Have a comment? Send TNA PPV feedback to

Mike Johnson @ 10:11:00 PM on 3/12/2007

TNA taped the next few episodes of Impact tonight at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Richard Trionfo called in the following results:

Impact 3/15:

*Jay Lethal won a Three-Way over Kaz and Jerry Lynn. Christopher Daniels hits the ring and nails them all with a baseball bat. He nails Last Rites on Lynn and leaves. No Raven caning for Kaz.

by Richard Trionfo @ 5:41:00 PM on 3/13/2007
Feel free to send feedback to

It looks like they are building to a feud between Jerry Lynn and Christopher Daniels. If that is the case, I think it is a great thing for the company and for wrestling in general if these two men are going to be in the ring together.

March 16 2007

- Kurt Angle, Sting, Christian Cage, Abyss, Rhino, Jeff Jarrett, Team 3D, Rhino, Samoa Joe, Scott Steiner, Tomko, Eric Young, Robert Roode, Kevin Nash, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Raven, Serotonin, Petey Williams, James Storm, Chris Harris, LAX, Voodoo Kin Mafia, Lance Hoyt, Jerry Lynn, Chris Sabin, Don West, Mike Tenay, James Mitchell, Ron Killings, Senshi, Jay Lethal, Austin Starr, Alex Shelley, Christy Hemme, Gail Kim, Jackie Moore, Tracy Brooks, So Cal Val, Jeremy Borash, and Sonjay Dutt are all scheduled to sign on 4/14 at the Lockdown Fan Interaction in St. Louis. The price of the event is $40. Autographs are free with admission, although polaroids and 8x10s can be purchased for an additional fee.

TNA iMPACT! Results (03/22/07)
Submitted by Lunchbox on Friday, March 23, 2007 at 2:02 AM EST

To the back, JB's with Jerry Lynn. Lynn states this is
the first time ever, if he wants to bring the beer
bottle to the match, he's going to take his beer,
drink his beer, then bust it over his head. Something
else on his mind is Christopher Daniels. If he has an
issue, take it up with him as a man, not from behind.
He doesn't know what his disappearing act was, or his
new purpose, but ... Lynn is cut off by the lights
going out and you can hear him 'What now?' You can
hear a chair shot and the lights come back up. Daniels
has laid out Lynn. Lynn takes out a leather strap and
chokes Lynn until security shows up.
(Eval- Nice little promo, much respect for Lynn. Nice
to note, at the PPV Daniels had the Sting mask, last
week Daniels used a black bat like Sting. Tonight, he
was wearing a leather jacket like Sting. Please tell
me this is the beginning of a feud or stable with
Sting. Because if nobody remembers, The Fallen Angel
was Vampiro's hooded messenger in WCW during his last
feud with Sting. Rating- **)


Cornette is with Chris Harris, telling him he "can
make it happen." Chris says Storm almost blinded him
for life. TNA is a company, they can't take a
liability of Chris is blinded for good. Chris is
blind, he can't wrestle. Until Chris brings a doctor's
note telling him he's 100%, that's the best he can do.
Chris says his best isn't good enough and walks out.
(Eval- I'd like to know where this is going, if Chris
is really hurt or not. Rating- 1/2)

James Storm and Jackie make their way to the ring.
Lynn's music hits, but never comes out. The refs make
an announcement that Jerry Lynn is injured, the match
won't happen. Storm takes the mic and says no, they're
sick and tired of this. There are two things he loves
to do. Drink beer and beat people up. He's all out of
beer now, so send someone out, it doesn't matter what
side they come out of. He is answered by Chris Harris.
Gail Kim runs down to stop Harris. Jackie on the mic,
calls Gail a no good slut and this is none of her
business. Gail comes to the ring and takes down
Jackie. Chris chases after Strom. Back in the ring,
all four brawl. Storm gets away, Harris chases him
back through the tunnel. Refs come in and break up
Jackie and Gail

(Eval- Pointless, upsetting and Jackie should never be allowed to speak on the mic ever...EEEEEEEVER, again! Sorry, I think Jericho possessed me. Rating- 1/2)

POWELL: Character Evaluation - TNA's Roster Graded
By Jason Powell
Mar 18, 2007, 21:58

Chris Sabin: It gets no worse than TNA's portrayal of Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, and Jay Lethal as Jackass wannabes. It's understandable when high school kids emulate their favorite celebrities, but who in their right mind thought fans would rally behind a group of twentysomethings who idolize MTV stuntmen? Unfortunately, Sabin's post-Jackass push hasn't been much better. He's been portrayed as a slacker who rebels against Jerry Lynn's veteran advice to take the business seriously. Oddly enough, TNA sent the message that slackers succeed by putting the X Division belt on Sabin. I don't get it. For that matter, I don't understand how TNA expects Sabin's character to draw money. (Grade: D)

Jerry Lynn: The pioneer of the X Division's return from a long layoff had money-drawing potential. People love comeback and grizzled veteran stories. Just check out the big business UFC did when they brought back retired superstar Randy Couture or NFL quarterback Brett Favre's annual announcement that he's going to play one more season. Unfortunately, the announcers never bothered to ask the obvious comeback questions such as whether Lynn's injured shoulder would hold up or if he could still get the job done at this late stage in his career. Instead, the announcers repeatedly told viewers that he looked better than ever. Where's the intrigue in that? Worse yet, Lynn was thrown into an awkward three-way storyline when the focus should have been on his return to singles action and whether he could teach the cocky Sabin a lesson in humility. A few months have passed since Lynn returned and, sadly, he's just another X Division wrestler who works the occasional two-minute six-man tag match on Impact. (Grade: D-)

Mike Johnson @ 3:35:00 PM on 3/22/2007
Speaking of the TNA Today daily videos, they've featured some exclusive interviews and footage of AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, and Kurt Angle in recent days. I'd compare them somewhat to the old WWE magazine shows that would air on the USA Networks over the weekend.

Interview Highlights: A.J. Styles
Mar 6, 2007, 16:55

A.J. Styles was TNA's selected media conference call subject earlier today. Torch VIP member "deadseadrop" has provided the following recap of the media conference call.

He said it took far too long but he's super glad that Jerry Lynn is back in the ring in TNA. He said he's in great shape and has a ton to offer.

by Stephyn Phillips @ 6:49:00 PM on 4/14/2007
TNA Footage from Fanfest

Just thought I would pass along a report from the TNA Fanfest in St. Louis.

TNA divided the roster into two with one group signing for two hours, and the second group signing for the next two. The first group included Sting, Abyss, Team 3-D, AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Petey Williams, Samoa Joe, and others.

For some reason there was a long line for Mike Tenay and Don West, but not for stars like Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Austin Starr, Jay Lethal, Jerry Lynn, and others.

I missed the first hour, so if I missed something good, I'm sorry. Anyways, keep up the good work!

by Tannaka Boler @ 8:37:00 PM on 4/14/2007

Here's a report about the TNA Fan Interaction today in St. Louis:

I would love to give some honorable mentions to Samoa Joe, Jerry Lynn, Austin Starr, Alex Shelley, Senshi, Homicide, Hernandez, Gail Kim, Chris Harris, Jim Cornette, Rhino, Team 3D and Christopher Daniels for being so personable. Cornette was the very last person to still have people approaching him at his table once it started to wind down. It definitely goes a long way.

by Mike Johnson @ 10:55:00 PM on 4/15/2007
Welcome to's live coverage of TNA Lockdown 2007 from St. Louis.

They aired a video feature on Jerry Lynn vs. Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn

Lynn and Daniels began brawling as soon as Daniels entered the cage. Daniels tossed Lynn into the cage, but he blocked it and went right after Daniels. Daniels cut him off but Lynn turned the tide and hit a backbreaker. Lynn used headscissors to yank Daniels out of the ring, then dropkicked him into the cage. Daniels came back to snap Lynn's neck across the ropes. Daniels slammed him into the cage and peppered him with punches.

Daniels began raking the face and eyes of Lynn. He clotheslined Lynn and went after Lynn's shoulder, which was genius given Lynn's history of shoulder problems. He torqued Lynn's neck but Lynn fought his way back to his feet. Lynn made a comeback but Daniels cut him off with a leg lariat.

Daniels tossed Lynn into the cage. He yanked a cable off one of the cameras and began strangling Lynn with it. He hit a back suplex on Lynn. He moonsaulted Lynn for a two count. So far it's OK.

Daniels locked on an abdominal stretch. Lynn came back and tossed Daniels over the ropes into the cage. Lynn peppered him with punches in the corner, then snapped a headscissors off the ropes for a two count. Lynn ducked a clothesline attempt and hit a DDT for a two count. Daniels backdropped Lynn into the cage.

Daniels hit a STO for a two count. He dragged Lynn up by his hair but Lynn began firing back with punches. Lynn went for the cradle piledriver but Daniels escaped and hit an uranage. He went for the best Moonsault Ever but Lynn rolled out of the way.

Lynn hit a TKO as fans began chanting "Fallen Angel". Daniels kicked up at two. Match is OK but doesn't seem to be clicking to the next level. They battled in the corner. Daniels slammed Lynn's head backwards into the cage several times, then hit the STO off the top rope. Crowd loved that move, chanting TNA. Lynn got the shoulder up, which surprised the fans. They chanted This is awesome.

Lynn hit the Kryptonite Krunch but Daniels kicked up. Lynn charges Daniels but Daniels gets his boot up. They battle in the corner above the ropes.. Daniels teases Angel's Wings off the top rope but Lynn holds onto the cage. Lynn tries to go for the cradle piledriver, but Daniels nails him with a lowblow. Lynn falls into the ring. Daniels nails him with Last Rites and scores the pin.

Your winner, Christopher Daniels!

A solid match that seemed designed more to get Daniels' heel persona over than to have a blowaway match. I think they established it's a different Daniels now.

by Stephyn Phillips @ 12:22:00 AM on 4/16/2007

Jerry Lynn vs. Christopher Daniels received a good ovation. This was the only time in there wasn't a "Jerry" chant I can remember. The crowd was disappointed when the two went for moves on the top rope- and nothing came of it.

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