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CALDWELL'S IMPACT REPORT 3/29: What happens when an entire show is built around Tomko
By James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist
Mar 29, 2007, 23:16

The usual Impact intro aired, then we right to the ring for a six-man Ultimate Xscape match with Bob Backlund doing cardio outside the ring.


A bunch of spots in the opening minute. Shelley had a short haircut this week. Lynn then gave everyone a hip toss one after the other. Shark Boy hit the Dead Sea Drop on Shelley for the first elimination. Lynn and Dutt exchanged control, then Lynn hit a cradle piledriver on Dutt for the second elimination. Starr blocked the Dead Sea Drop, then hit a brainbuster for the third elimination. Lynn and Petey double-teamed Starr and Petey begged to hit the Canadian Destroyer. Lynn granted his request and Starr was eliminated following a Destroyer. With Lynn and Petey left, one of them had to escape the cage. Petey and Lynn fought on top of the cage, then Lynn crashed to the floor to win.

After the match, Christopher Daniels jumped Lynn from behind with a baseball bat. Petey knelt over Lynn, then Daniels slowly walked up the entrance ramp.

WINNER: Lynn in 5:00. Four pinfalls in four minutes. It really is a video game with everyone hitting finishing moves with little build up. And no one will care about any of these men after the commercial break. Lynn must hold the record for most multiple-person-X-Division-match victories. (*)

TNA iMPACT! Results (03/29/07)
Submitted by Lunchbox on Thursday, March 29, 2007 at 9:29 PM EST

(Eval- Nice match, I'm so glad Lynn let Petey hit the Canadian Destroyer, that move is fabulous. Rating- **)

By Jon Mezzera, PWTorch Hitlist Specialist
Mar 30, 2007, 16:49
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Opening Cage Match: This is the type of match that I usually would give a Miss to. So I will get the bad out of the way. It started with all six guys in the ring which doesn't allow for a sense of who is actually in the match. It had a typical TNA stipulation that had to be explained by Mike Tenay. The match actually featured Shark Boy in prominence as he got the first elimination on Alex Shelley. That was bad. But there was enough good action in the short match to make it enjoyable enough to watch. For one thing, the eliminations were all from finishing moves, as opposed to this type of match in WWE where at least two of the pins would have been from some type of roll up. I was happy to see the Canadian Destroyer (although I do cringe every time I see it) just because it seems like Petey Williams never hits the move since turning baby face. The end of the match with Williams and Jerry Lynn hanging from the outside of the cage was strong, and the post match attack by Christopher Daniels continued that story line. So, it wasn't great and certainly could have been better, but I am still giving it a marginal Hit.

April 1, 2007
--USWO from Friday night in Nashville before 95 fans: Cousin Jason X & New York Gangster b Billy Merciless & Saint, L.T. Falk & Petey Wright b T.J. Harley & Scott Sexton, Michael Jablonski b Rob C, Mexican Dragon b Black Ninja, Shaun & Shayne Maddox NC Chris Michaels & Shawn Shultz, Arrick Andrews b Jerry Lynn to win the USWO TV title (thanks to Jimmie Daniel)

Chris Vetter, Torch Contributor
Apr 16, 2007, 15:46

Gateway Championship Wrestling, April 14, Mt. Vernon, Ill.: Jackal defeats Curtis Wylde, Dice defeats Cabal, Steven Kennedy & Reid Reign defeat Shorty Biggs & Sean Vincent, Steven Kennedy defeats Michael Serious, Cameron Cage defeats Chaz Wesson, Jerry Lynn defeats Kevin X.

UWF Results from Prince George, Virginia
by Tim Noel @ 9:59:00 AM on 4/21/2007

Results from Sadler's UWF show from the parking lot of Colonial Harley Davidson in Prince George, VA. Crowd was maybe 300-400,

Match #5- Jerry Lynn & Amy Dumas defeated Austin Aries & Christy Hemme in a match featuring some comedy. This was the third straight match where the workers were doing just enough to get by but the crowd seemed fine with it.

NWA Midwest, May 5th - Streamwood, Ill., with Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn, Senshi vs. Tiger Mask IV, Black Listed vs. Extreme Dream Team.
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