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Jerry Lynn Interview Recap - 12/23/07 - The Daily Suplex

Jerry Lynn Interview Recap
Steve Gerweck - Wednesday, December 26 2007 - 4:49 PM

Show: The Daily Suplex
Date: 12/23/2007
Time: 8pm

Jerry Lynn joined the Daily Suplex Radio Sunday evening for an interview with the hosts Brian Thomas and Big Luther.

He spoke candidly about ECW, TNA and much more. Here is a recap of what went down in this 30 minute interview:

On his view of the current ECW: Jerry stated it is not like what the old ECW was for sure. He would try to make it more like the old ECW was to improve it. He would like to see some of the original talent brought in to work with the new guys.

On if WWECW be like the ECW of past without Heyman: He believes it could be but they need to want to make it that way. Paul was a big part, but the wrestlers were as well. He said you will never find a group of wrestlers like the old ECW talent again.

On Starting in Minnesota and working with Waltman: Jerry was trained by Brad Regins in Minnesota and Sean with Malenko in Texas. He and Sean would get together and watch all kinds of wrestling and incorporate all of their styles to give fans something new while beating the crap out of each other night in and night out.

On Mr. JL: There were no mask gimmicks in the states at the time and he had just gone to Japan and saw a lot of them. He can back and put together a masked gimmick and sold it to WCW. Unfortunately he broke his arm right away and by the time he got back Bischoff had brought in a bunch of luchadors and his gimmick didn't mean as much.

On getting fired from WCW: He was on a night-to-night contract at the time, and got a year deal after he got back from his injury.

On joining ECW and the New F'n Show: Jerry stated that the fans actually gave him the name New F'n Show after seeing Rob and him put on a great match at the Living Dangerous PPV. After the match, the fans started chanting New F'n Show and it stuck for him.

On winning the ECW title: Jerry said it was a mixed emotion thing because Paul didn't want to put it on him. Justin had to convince Paul that he should win the belt, but Jerry knew it wouldn't last long.

On his TNA matches with Justin Credible in 2004: Jerry said he really enjoyed working with Justin, but felt that TNA rushed the feud too much and it wasn't able to get over with the crowd.

On TNA's X Division: TNA never really presented the X division to Jerry. He was excited to be part of the company from day one and was fortunate to be in a big angle with AJ Styles. He puts over the other talent as helping make the show fun and was happy that they were not held back but allowed to go out and tear down the house.

On whether he knew TNA was close to shutting down: Jerry said that rumors were always present in the back and there were a few times they wondered whether the current shows were the last shows or not.

On what is missing in wrestling today: Jerry said that the element of surprise was missing in today's wrestling show. He stated that it used to be that anyone could win on any given night and now it is almost too predictable.

On working with Amazing Red: Jerry called Red an amazing talent and said he always told him to work smart because he knew he would injure himself at the pace he was going.

On his return to the ring in TNA: Jerry said his program with Sabin was never meant to go anywhere. He basically was made fun of week in and week out and never got his comeback and then lost on pay-per-view.

On leaving TNA: It was Jerry's choice and he made it because there was no room for advancement and they hadn't booked him two tapings in a row which lost him a months worth of income. He commented on the policy of not letting TNA talent work for promotions who had DVD distribution or PPV deals.

On Ring of Honor: Jerry stated that he has talked to them, but they have just signed a bunch of talent to contracts and given them medical coverage.

On what he does now: He works a lot out of Chicago for AAW and praised their shows as a lot of fun. He also works for Anarchy Championship Wrestling and is the champion there. He called them a smaller version of ECW. He loves what he does and doesn't want to quit as long as his body holds up.

On working and winning the Super 8 Tournament: He said he was shocked when he got called to be in it and was also honored. He asked what took so long to book him and was told he was always under contract before. He said it was a fun night and a big night in his career.

On going back to WWE: He said there may be interest if the money is right and he has called and is waiting to hear back. One of his goals he hasn't accomplished is working a WWE pay per view. He stated he would love to wrestle Shawn Michaels before either of them retires.

Jerry also talks about TNA Lockdown, the ridiculous cage used for the show, working with the women in TNA, and many other topics.

To hear the entire interview, which lasts approximately 55 minutes, go to . The podcast is also available via iTunes by searching for The Daily Suplex in the iTunes store.
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