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Jerry Lynn TNA - 5-29-07 - 9-12-07

TNA Today: The Rewind - 5-29-07 (episode 1)
By Thomas Clemens

Today's edition of TNA Today is a special two episode edition which opens with Jeremy Borash at the iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, Florida. As we begin this edition, we learn that we will be hearing from X Division Champion Chris Sabin as he begins preparation for Slammiversary live on pay per view on June 17th.

Having been with TNA now for nearly 4 years and also at one time being the longest-reigning TNA X Division Champion, Sabin is then asked by Jeremy for his list of his greatest matches and accomplishments. Sabin responds that his number one match was his fist X Division Title win, which occurred when he defeated Jerry Lynn and the Amazing Red. That match was actually Sabin's third match in his TNA tenure. Sabin also said he has had some epic battles with the likes of Senshi, Samoa Joe, and others, but nothing compares to him being the current reigning X Division Champion.

TNA Impact Report 6/07
By Saad Naeem -
Jun 7, 2007 - 11:29:06 PM

Match 1: Robert Roode vs. Jerry Lynn

Roode comes out first. Jerry Lynn gets the "through So Cal Val legs entrance." Match begins with Roode in control until Jerry Lynn comes back with a leg scissors. Following that is an armbar. Roode comes back with a knee to gut and back Lynn into the corner. He kicks away at a grounded Jerry. Action spills to the outside as we are given the TNA Mobile Poll. It is as follows:

Who is Christian Cage’s opponent in the final KOTM Qualifier next week?
- Jeff Jarrett
- Chris Jericho
- Scott Steiner
- None of the above

Anyways, back to the match. Roode sends Lynn’s back right into the guard rail twice. He rolls Lynn back into the ring fir the two count. Roode hits a gutbreaker for the two. Tables turn as Lynn hits a hurricarana and then a dropkick. A DDT follows but Ms. Brooks climbs the apron and distracts the ref. Lynn attempts a Cradle Piledriver but gets lowblowed. As a result, Roode is able to hit The Payoff for the win.

Winner: Robert Roode

After the match, Roode and Ms. Brooks start to beat on Jerry Lynn. To his rescue comes Eric Young with a chair. Robert Roode shoves Ms. Brooks in the way and runs away. Brooks tires to escape behind him but Young grabs her. He is about to give her a piledriver but Jim Cornette comes out and says he will not condone violence against women in TNA. If Ms. Brooks really wants to get physically involved in other people’s business then tonight she goes one on one with Gail Kim.

TNA iMPACT! Results (06/07/07)
Submitted by Lunchbox on Thursday, June 7, 2007 at
10:05 PM EST

Video package of last week, AJ qualified for the King
of the Mountain match.

Match I : Robert Roode w/ Ms. Brooks v. Jerry Lynn
Roode starts the offense with fists to the back of
Lynn. Lynn into the corner, rights delivered by Roode.
Lynn off the ropes, ducks a clothesline and hits a
huracanrana. Arm drag takeover to Roode, wrenches the
arm and nails some knees to Roode. Reversal shoots
Lynn off the ropes, kick to Roode's sternum, off the
ropes and a kick to Lynn's knees sends him down.

Roode with multiple kicks to Lynn before sending him
to the outside. Lynn meets the guardrail before Roode
hits a shoulder block. Back in the ring, two count on
Lynn. Roode continues to work the side and arm of
Lynn. Gut buster on Lynn, two count. Rest hold with
Roode getting a reverse bear hug. Lynn fights back,
off the ropes and clotheslines Roode. Off the ropes
again, huracanrana.

Roode misses an attempted knee, Lynn gets a roll up
for two. Standing drop-kick by Lynn, DDT, two count.
Lynn sets Roode up for the Cradle Piledriver but Ms.
Brooks distracts the ref allowing Roode to get a low
blow. Perfectplex, three count.

Winner : Robert Roode

Post-match Roode stomps on Lynn but Eric comes down
with the save. Eric follows them outside and Roode
throws Ms. Brooks to him. Back in the ring, Eric sets
up a chair shot with Lynn holding Ms. Brooks. Cornette
interrupts. Cornette says no men beating up women.
Cornette said he told them not to beat her up, but he
didn't say she wasn't getting beaten up tonight.
Tonight it's Ms. Brooks v. Gail Kim.

Evaluation - The match was decent, I would have liked
Lynn to pick up the win since he's been on a streak.
Rating - * 1/2.

6/12 TNA Today: The Rewind
Steve Gerweck - Tuesday, June 12 2007 - 11:48 PM

TNA Today: The Rewind 6-12-07
By Thomas Clemens

The edition of TNA Today for June 12, 2007 opens with a commercial for the upcoming Slammiversary event. From there we are taken to the iMPACT! Zone in Orlando, Florida, where we are joined by Jeremy Borash and his guest, X Division pioneer, Jerry Lynn.

Jerry talks about the many sacrifices he has made throughout the course of his career but that in the end, he knows it was all worth it. So long as he can keep things fun and avoid any politics, he has every intention of continuing to do what he loved to do, wrestle. He is very thankful for the opportunities he has had and looks forward to the future.

Following a commercial for upcoming live TNA events, footage is shown of several television newscasts picking up coverage of the memorable Slammiversary 5 year anniversary press conference, which featured the showdown between former Titans great Frank Wycheck and Cowboy James Storm. This certainly garnered a lot of a mainstream coverage for TNA Wrestling. A portion of an post press conference interview with Frank Wycheck is shown, which serves as part of the basis for his match at Slammiversary with Cowboy James Storm.

Alan Wojcik's Nashville Wrestling Weekend Day 2: TNA Fan Fest
Alan J. Wojcik - Saturday, June 16 2007 - 8:03 PM
(credit Alan J. Wojcik of

TNA's return to Nashville began on Saturday June 16, 2007 with a Fan Fest at the Music Valley Center over by Opry Land. As previous signings, it was broken up into two sessions. Session one included: Ms. Brooks, Robert Roode, Team 3D, Eric Young, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Mr. Bob Backlund, Kurt Angle, So Cal Val, Leticia, Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe, Jim Cornette and the members of Serotonin. The second session included: Christopher Daniels, LAX, the Voodoo Kin Mafia, Lance Hoyt, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Damaja and Basham, Christy Hemme, Senshi, Gail Kim, Jacqueline Moore, Jerry Lynn, Christian Cage, Chris Harris, Tomko, AJ Styles, and Ron Killings. Jeff Jarrett was unable to attend due to personal family issues.

In addition to the signings there was a full merchandise set up with a temporary tattoo station. At the merchandise stand you purchased $5 coupons for 8x10’s and $10 for Polaroids if you didn’t bring your own camera. Unlike the Victory Road 2004 and Bound for Glory 2005 Fan Fest’s there wasn’t a Q & A session with the wrestlers but this venue was a little smaller than the ballroom used at the Doubletree Hotel. Unlike the previous signings I have attended the lines this year moved briskly and you were able to make your way to around the room in the allotted 2 hours. If you were in town for the PPV and did not attend this you missed out on lots of fun.

Countdown to TNA Slammiversary
By SLAM! Wrestling Staff

Matt Mackinder
Mr. Backlund vs. Alex Shelley - Out with the (very) old, in with the new. Shelley takes it.
Eric Young vs. Robert Roode - This feud has gone on long enough – Roode ends it decisively.
VKM vs. Damaja/Basham - Hemme is the only reason to watch this match and her team takes the victory.
Frank Wycheck/Jerry Lynn vs. James Storm/Ron Killings - Wycheck and Lynn go over here with possible interference from “Wildcat” Chris Harris.

Jon Waldman
Mr. Backlund vs. Alex Shelley - Shelley either wins and wins big here, or is off to WWE.
Eric Young vs. Robert Roode - Roode takes this one easily.
VKM vs. Damaja/Basham - Do I smell a burning limo? I'm guessing that there's a few shots at WWE in this match, as the Basham Brothers take it.
Frank Wycheck/Jerry Lynn vs. James Storm/Ron Killings - Wycheck wins for his crew.

Greg Oliver
Mr. Backlund vs. Alex Shelley - A throwaway comedy match, sure, but Mr. Backlund will win in a throwback.
Eric Young vs. Robert Roode - If Roode ever gets up the roster, he'll look back at this as a turning point. Roode wins.
VKM vs. Damaja/Basham - Will Hemme ever get her revenge on VKM? Does anyone care? Damaja & Bashman win.
Frank Wycheck/Jerry Lynn vs. James Storm/Ron Killings - This is a no-brainer. The former Tennessee Titan and Lynn take it.

by Richard Trionfo @ 7:30:00 PM on 6/17/2007

Slammiversary Preview:

X Division Title Match: Chris Sabin versus Jay Lethal

Chris Sabin has been the X Division champion since he won it in a Triple Threat Match at Final Resolution this past January. While the X Division has not been as prominent as it was during the first three and a half to four years of the company, Chris Sabin has done everything possible to keep it important. During the middle part of 2006, Chris Sabin underwent a metamorphosis from a fan favorite to a heel and he has perfected his character over the last few months. After being a part of Team USA in the World X Cup and the Jackass Number Two crossover during 2006, Sabin showed more disdain for Jerry Lynn despite the fact that Lynn took Sabin under his wing and made Sabin the captain of Team USA . After Sabin turned his back on his fellow Team USA members Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal, he started a feud with them as well as Jerry Lynn. Sabin has feuded with each man and has successfully defeated all men. In addition to his work as the X Division champion, he has started to work more with the man who was not on the same page with him during their time in the World X Cup, Alex Shelley. Sabin and Shelley have been one of the more impressive tag teams in the company over the last few months and could have a tag team title run in the future if Sabin is no longer the X Division champion. Sabin has cut back on his high impact moves and has done more to frustrate the fans while continuing to have good matches in the ring. Will Sabin continue to hold the X Division title on Sunday or will there be too much machismo in the ring for him?

Frank Wycheck and Jerry Lynn versus James Storm and Ron Killings

If it is a major pay per view, it must be time to get the crossover from other sports into a Total Nonstop Action Wrestling pay per view. This time it is the return of the Tennessee Titans into a Total Nonstop Action ring. This was originally scheduled to be a singles match between Frank Wycheck and James Storm but over the last few days, it has been turned into a tag match with Ron Killings and Jerry Lynn in the match. At the Slammiversary Press Conference, Frank Wycheck was challenged by James Storm to a match and with some assistance from Jeff Jarrett; Wycheck hit Storm in the head with a guitar. This match is a chance for three men who were with the company when they started in Nashville in 2002 as well as a man who is considered an icon in Nashville sports. Will we see another Music City Miracle or will the referees be in the right place for this match?

Frank Wycheck was a tight end for the Tennessee Titans before he retired after the 2003 season. Frank is not the first member of the Tennessee Titans to be involved with Total Nonstop Action and he is not the first football player to enter the ring in Nashville for the company. Wycheck adds local flavor to the match since he is a talk show host in the area. Frank's tag team partner, Jerry Lynn is one of the men who helped make Total Nonstop Action what it is today with his work in the X Division and behind the scenes for the company. Jerry is one of the best technical wrestlers in the business and despite the fact that he is one of the older members of the roster; he is able to hold his own with the younger wrestlers. Lynn has been an important ingredient in the growth of the X Division and he is a man who believes in the honor of the business. If Frank Wycheck was looking for a tag team partner, he could not do much better than Jerry Lynn. With Lynn's focus on the honor of the business, will he turn on his partner if Frank does not share the same level of respect? Will the pairing of a wrestler and non-wrestler cost this team against two regular wrestlers?

James Storm embraced the change in character since America's Most Wanted joined forces with Jeff Jarrett in 2005 to help Jarrett defeat Raven for the World Title. While there were times when it looked like they might move back to fan favorites, James Storm was the man who kept America's Most Wanted on the dark side. Storm is a man who is definitely familiar with tag team action since he was part of the most decorated tag team in Total Nonstop Action history. James Storm has shown that he is willing to go to any length to win his match and he does not care who he takes out at the time. He turned on his former tag team partner and that led to two of the better brawls in Total Nonstop Action during the last month. Ron Killings recently returned to the Impact Zone during the last tapings to stop by and say "What's Up?" Apparently his return to the ring was what was up for Killings. Killings has been out of action for a while due to injury and this match will be his return to the ring. Killings has had one of the strangest booking situations in the company when you consider that he is a multiple time NWA World Heavyweight Champion but he always seems to be the forgotten man when it comes to the top angles. Killings is a solid worker who is over with the Orlando fans. It is a bit confusing that Killings is going to team with James Storm when Storm is one of the most hated men in the Impact Zone. Will these two men be able to work together in the ring or will they be their own worst enemies on Sunday night?

We will see the match start off with Storm and Lynn in the ring and Storm will demand that Wycheck start the match but as soon as Wycheck gets into the ring, Storm will tag in Killings to start off the match. Storm will refuse to tag in while Wycheck is in the match at the start but once Lynn gets in the match, Storm will enter the match. Storm will be able to work over his smaller opponent and we will see a number of quick tags between Killings and Storm as they work well as a team. As Storm and Killings work over Lynn , Lynn will be able to avoid a double team move and Wycheck will get tagged in as he will get the chance to face James Storm in the ring. Wycheck and Lynn will take over in the match and they will get the chance to work over Killings after Storm makes the tag. Lynn and Killings will go back and forth, but Lynn will hit the Cradle Piledriver and then Lynn will tag in Wycheck to get the three count.

Prediction: Jerry Lynn and Frank Wycheck

by Mike Johnson @ 10:57:00 PM on 6/17/2007

Pre-Game Show Notes:

James Storm's promo building the match with Frank Wycheck were really damn good. Storm has to be considered one of the most improved wrestlers of the year if this keeps up....

Slammiversary PPV:
They aired a video feature on the Slammiversary press conference that led to the James Storm-Frank Wycheck angle.

Leticia Cline interviewed James Storm and Jackie Moore. Storm said Wycheck better kiss his wife and kids goodbye. Jackie Moore asked Cline how much she paid for her implants, then told her to ask for a refund because they were a little lopsided. Not as funny as you might think reading this.

Ron Killings & James Storm vs. Frank Wycheck & Jerry Lynn (with Kyle Vanden Bosch)

They gave no explanation as to why Killings was a heel or teaming with Storm beyond the idea they were both TNA original roster members and offended by the attention Wycheck received at the press conference for the PPV. No mention of those TERRIBLE Killings "movie" vignettes so let's hope those have gone the way of the Dupp Cup. Wycheck and Lynn came out wearing Tennessee Titan jerseys accompanied by the Titan's Kyle Vanden Bosch.

Jerry Lynn and Ron Killings, making his return from knee surgery much earlier than expected, start off. Killings looked good early, showing no ring rust, right down to doing a handspring out of the corner and a split before nailing a kick to the face. Lynn hits a back elbow off the ropes, then a deep armdrag on Killings. James Storm tagged in, so Lynn tagged in Wycheck.

The crowd into Wycheck. Storm shoulderblocked Wycheck down to the mat. Storm put on a football helmet. Killings tossed him a football, which he fumbled to mock Wycheck. Crowd booed that. I thought that was a funny idea to get the crowd behind Wycheck. Storm headlocked Wycheck. Wycheck shoved him off into the ropes but was shoulderblocked down again. Lynn tried to give Wycheck advice.

Wycheck hits several shoulderblocks, then dropkicked Storm. Killings tried to kick Wycheck, who ducked. Killings crotched himself, then bumped to the floor. Wycheck press and tossed Lynn to the heels on the floor. Wycheck hit an atomic drop on Storm, then tossed him over the top. Storm tried to skin the cat but Lynn dropkicked him to the floor. Wycheck went after Storm on the floor but was clotheslined. The announcers played it off like Wycheck hit the back of his head on the concrete, playing off his concussions. They tossed him into the railing. Storm set up Wycheck, then kicked him in the face.

Killings handed Storm a chair but the referee took it away. This allowed Wycheck a chance to tag Lynn, who nailed some offense before being tossed to the floor. Killings took out Lynn on the floor then tossed him back in. Storm hit the Whirlybird on Lynn, then sipped from a bottle of beer. Storm spit the beer on Kyle Vanden Bosch, who tried to get in the ring but was held back. Killings tagged in and he and Lynn nailed each other mid-ring with high cross bodyblock attempts.

Storm and Wycheck tagged in. Wycheck slammed each and dropkicked Killings. He drilled their heads together. Storm ducked a clothesline and Killings took it. Storm superkicked Wycheck for the pin but Vanden Bosch pulled him out of the ring to break the cover and began beating on him. Jackie Moore jumped on Bosch's back but he flipped her over.

Inside the ring, Killings continued to work over Wycheck. Storm brandished the beer bottle. Killings held Wycheck but Lynn stopped Storm. It looked like Lynn was a step or two behind where he needed to be. The idea was that Storm ended up hitting Killings but I'm not sure if that was the case. Wycheck then hit Lynn's finisher, the cradle piledriver for the pin.

Your winners, Jerry Lynn and Frank Wycheck!

I thought this was another fun match. They booked the hell out of this to try and make it entertaining and put Wycheck in a position where he looked good but didn't embarrass the business either. It was obviously something that meant more to the live crowd then most of the audience at home, but it didn't feel forced once they were in the ring.

Bob Backlund vs. Alex Shelley

I expect this will be something silly but if they wanted, I bet these two could have a decent match. When I interviewed Samoa Joe a few months back, he noted that he'd love to wrestle Backlund or learn from Backlund's amateur background.

They pushed on the commentary that Backlund lost his mind after losing "the World title" to Kevin Nash in Madison Square Garden. Backlund and Shelley shook hands to open the bout. Backlund took down Shelley with several single leg takedowns. Shelley went to the floor to catch his breath, then returns to the ring. He chopped and punched Backlund, then hit a hiptoss. He cinched in a shortarm scissors. Backlund tried to escape but was caught again.

Backlund escaped and hit a butterfly suplex. He nailed an atomic drop, sending Shelley into the corner. Chris Sabin came to ringside and grabbed Backlund's leg. Backlund pulled him into the ring and hit a drop toehold on Shelley into Sabin's crotch.

Backlund did the Backlund bridge for the pin.

Backlund offered Shelley a handshake as Sabin snuck up from behind. Sabin went for a crossface chickenwing but Backlund reversed it. Backlund then locked it in on Shelley. Kevin Nash came to the ring to break it up. He and Backlund faced off. Jerry Lynn came to the ring, presumably to calm Backlund but Nash kicked him in the face. Sabin and Shelley began working over Backlund as Nash watched on. They tossed Backlund to the floor, then took worked over Lynn. Jay Lethal hit the ring for the save, nailing elbows. The elbows weren't over with the crowd. Nash walked off instead of facing off with Lethal, but stared at him from ringside. Sabin and Shelley beat on Backlund on the floor, sending him over the railing into the crowd. They played Lethal's music. They did too much going on at once here for me.

KELLER'S SLAMMIVERSARY TAKE: Random thoughts updated throughout the event
By Wade Keller, Torch editor
Jun 17, 2007, 21:23
PWTORCH FOUNDER - EST. 1987 (online 1999)

-If Ron Killings is a heel (although no explanation has been given at all for his decision to team with James Storm since the last time we saw him he as a babyface), he shouldn't be shouting "What's up!?" at the crowd for them to chant it back at him. That's what babyfaces do, and it confuses his character even more. Those annoying noisy chains on his belt have to go, too. He's acting like a heel, but doing the same flashy babyface moves otherwise during his offense.

-Wycheck looked passable for sure in his match. He wasn't svelt or graceful, but he didn't screw anything up. His waist-high dropkicks wouldn't be mistaken for Randy Orton or Jim Brunzell, but for a non-wrestler, it was enough. The feel-good finish was no surprise.

by Alan Wojick @ 12:44:00 AM on 6/18/2007

On June 19, 2002 history was made at the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama when NWA: TNA debuted. Two complete shows were filmed that saw Ken Shamrock and "the Phenomenal" AJ Styles walk away with singles gold. Since that night there was a move to Nashville (Municipal Auditorium then the TN State Fairgrounds AKA The Asylum) and Orlando, the NWA has left as well as many roster members, but TNA Wrestling is alive and well despite several reports of its demise, some as early as six weeks into its existence.

Tonight June 17, 2007 is the celebration many never thought would happen: 5 years of TNA Wrestling with the Slammiversary PPV from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium where on July 3, 2002, Styles and Jerry Lynn won tag team gold despite feuding for the X Division title. People gather to celebrate the accomplishments (getting picked up by Spike TV and monthly PPV’s), the innovative creations (Ultimate X, Six Sides of Steel, the King of the Mountain match and Elevation X) and losses of people like Curt Hennig, Road Warrior Hawk, Malice, Chris Candido, Sherri Martel, Mike Lockwood and Jill Jarrett who helped pave the way to tonight’s PPV. It was great seeing some familiar faces from the old weekly PPV’s and some of the Orlando taping people make the journey up.

We saw footage that led to the celebrity tag team match with Frank Wycheck on one side of the ring. Leticia Cline interviewed "Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm and Jacqueline Moore.

(3) Former Tennessee Titans TE Frank Wycheck & Jerry Lynn (w/Titans Pro Bowler Kyle Vanden Bosch) defeated Ron “the Truth” Killings & “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/ Jacqueline Moore.)

If you don’t know who Wycheck is, look on the internet for the sports moment called “the Music City Miracle.” Wycheck isn’t a stranger to TNA, back in 2002 he and some of his Titans teammates got into a altercation with Jeff Jarrett which made ESPN SportCenter and the 50 Moments in TNA DVD. Wycheck wore the jersey of legendary OL player Bruce Matthews to the ring. This was Killings first PPV match back from suffering a knee injury and early on he showed no ill effect or ring rust going hold for hold with Lynn. They tagged out and Storm nearly left when Wycheck came in. The match briefly stopped as Killings/Storm ran a botched football play and Storm knocked Wycheck down with a shoulder block. Wycheck fired back with shoulder blocks of his own and a dropkick which sent Storm to the floor. Killings went for a scissor kick but Wycheck moved. He press slammed Lynn and tossed him on the floor onto their opponents. His offensive attack was stopped when he went to the floor with Storm/Killings. Storm got a chair and was ready to strike when referee Rudy Charles grabbed it and this allowed a tag to Lynn. That didn’t go well as Moore got on the apron and distracted Lynn long enough for Storm to hit the “Eye of the Storm.” Killings tagged in but collided with Lynn. Both men raced for and tagged out to their partners. Storm hit Wycheck with a superkick but Vanden Bosch broke the pin up and fought on the floor with Storm. The match ended with Wycheck hitting Storm with a Cradle Piledriver.

They showed footage of how we got to Shelley vs. Backlund. It was never explained how Mr. Backlund’s hardcover book magically became a paperback book.

(4) Mr. Bob Backlund defeated Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machine Guns.

For his age Backlund was in good shape and his mental attitude had Shelley off his game early on. That was until Shelley took him to the mat with a short arm scissor move. Backlund powered to his feet and deposited Shelley on the top rope before a double under hook suplex and an atomic knee drop. Chris Sabin came out to help Shelley but it backfired and Backlund with a rollover pinning combination. Backlund snapped and locked Shelley in the Crossface Chicken Wing when Kevin Nash and Jerry Lynn came out to stop it. But instead of stopping it Nash kicked Lynn in the face and let the Machine Guns beat down Lynn and Backlund until Jay Lethal came out to save them.

TNA Slammiversary Results - Five Years In The Making (06/17/07)
Submitted by Lunchbox on Monday, June 18, 2007 at 4:35 AM EST
Lunchbox -

Video package of Frank Wycheck and James Storm.

Leticia with James Storm backstage, he says he didn't cross a line, Wycheck did. He's a former NFL player for the Tennessee Titans. They haven't done anything, they lost a Super Bowl. Now he wants to come into a TNA ring? He's in his territory. He needs to kiss his family good-bye. Sorry about your damn luck. Storm walks away and Jackie asks Leticia how much her breasts cost.
Evaluation - Uhm, yeah .. Rating - n/a

Match III : James Storm & Ron Killings v. Jerry Lynn & Frank Wycheck

Ron Killings starts the match off with a good offense
of fists and kicks to Jerry Lynn. What's Up?! Truth
off the ropes, elbow by Lynn. Arm drag takeover by
Lynn, quickly reversed by Truth. Tag to Storm, Lynn
gets a tag to Wycheck.

Side head lock applied by Storm, off the ropes,
shoulder block sends Wycheck down. Storm puts on a
Titan's helmet, Truth grabs a football and throws it
to him but he fumbles it to the outside. Another side
headlock by Storm, right arm shots to Storm's gut.
Wycheck talks to Lynn in the corner, Storm with some
trash talking. Wycheck off the ropes, shoulder block
sends Storm down. Standing drop-kick.

Ron rushes Wycheck, Wycheck dodges and Truth racks
himself on the top rope. Wycheck picks Lynn up and
throws him to the outside on top of Storm and
Killings. Back in the ring, Wycheck throws Storm over
the rope but he catches himself. Lynn with a running
drop-kick sending Storm down. Wycheck chases Killings
on the outside only to be baited and a clothesline by

Storm sets Wycheck on the bottom rope. To the outside,
running boot to Wycheck's head. Storm tries to hit a
chair but the ref grabs it. Lynn in from the tag,
huracanrana sends Storm down. Killings pulls Lynn to
the outside then sends him back in to Storm. Storm
sets Lynn up and hits the Eye of the Storm. Storm
drinks some beer and spits it on Wycheck's team mate.
Killings in, Lynn off the ropes, double cross body
block sends both men down.

Wycheck tagged in, double scoop slam to Killings and
Storm. Two standing drop-kicks to both men. Meeting of
the minds, back rake to Storm, thumb rake to Killings.
Clothesline sends Killings down, super kick connects
from Storm. Storm goes for the cover, Vanden Bosch
pulls him off. On the outside, Storm and Vanden Bosch
in a shoving match. Storm slides back into the ring
with the bottle of beer, Lynn with the save.

Lynn pushes Storm into Wycheck, Wycheck hits the
Cradle Piledriver on Storm! 1-2-3!

Winner : Jerry Lynn & Frank Wycheck
Evaluation - This was a really entertaining match. Much better than their baseball storyline with the Kiss Demon. Wycheck impressed me with his standing drop-kicks. However, there's no way Storm could shoulder block Wycheck down that many times that easily. Rating - **

Video package of Bob Backlund and Alex Shelley.

Match IV : Alex Shelley v. Bob Backlund

Shelley and Backlund shake hands before the match.
Backlund scoops his legs three times. Shelley slides
to the outside and smacks a sign from a fan that said
'Eye Spy No Talent'. Back in the ring, kick from
Shelley and both men trade blows. Backlund sent to his
back, Shelley locks in an arm scissors key lock.
Backlund tries to reverse but Shelley's able to keep
it locked.

Backlund flips over and picks Shelley up, places him
on the top rope. Slap to the face. Double underhook
suplex by Backlund. Atomic drop sends Shelley into the
corner. Sabin to the ring and grabs Backlund's ankle.
Up top but Backlund's able to rack him. Drop toe hold
on Shelley sending him face first into Sabin's crotch.
Backlund gets the bridge for a 1-2-3!

Post-match Backlund tries to shake Alex's hand. From
behind Sabin creeps up on Backlund like he just came
out of a Jim Carrey film. Backlund hits the Crossface
Chicken Wing on Shelley. Nash to the ring and breaks
up the fight. Lynn to the ring, big boot by Nash!
Double team on Lynn. Enzuigiri, super kick,
enzuigiri/super kick combination (which I've renamed
'Double Barrel Buckshot'). Machismo with the save,
elbows to Shelley and Sabin, meeting of the minds!

Evaluation - Nice little match, I wouldn't mind seeing
Backlund wrestle more often if he can keep this up.
Sabin's cartoon creep was funny. Rating - * 1/2

by Richard Trionfo @ 8:26:00 AM on 6/18/2007

Slammiversary PPV Thoughts:
Even though I was not in attendance, I figured I would send my thoughts of the pay per view watching it from home since it definitely is a different perspective from being in the building for the pay per view.

Overall, I thought this was one of the best TNA pay per views of the year. There was enough good wrestling on the show to make this a show that is worth getting the replay if you did not buy the pay per view already. As I mention below, the Jeff Jarrett interview was one of the best segments that I have ever seen from this company. There was some good wrestling on the first and third hours of the show and the second hour was not enough to take away from the rest of the show.

I thought the opening match was good and did a lot to build the LAX/Hector Guerrero angle. I don’t like the way that announcers refuse to criticize a wrestler who cheats but is a face while they would crucify a heel who does the same thing. They did the same thing during the Storm/Killings versus Wycheck/Lynn match.

At least they finally explained why Ron Killings is a heel and teaming with James Storm in this match.

I really liked how Don and Mike incorporated the history of the company especially the Nashville days.

When you consider that Frank Wycheck is a retired football player, he did not look too bad in the ring. It was obvious that he was not comfortable at all times in the ring, but he was well protected.

New crossword clue. Seven letter word to describe Christy’s outfit: HOTTTTT

Definition of Irony: There is a sign that read “Women Should Not Wrestle Because They Can’t” that was held by a woman.

If you want to see the heart of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, you need to see Jeff Jarrett’s interview. That alone is worth the price of the pay per view because it showed the emotion that Jeff Jarrett has for the business and that it about more than what you see in the ring. It also made me forget about the previous hour which paled in comparison to the first hour of the pay per view.

TNA SLAMMIVERSARY PPV ROUNDTABLE REVIEWS 6/17: Keller, Radican, Caldwell, McNeill, Mitchell
Jun 18, 2007, 05:48

Sean Radican, Torch columnist (3.0)
The opening tag match got things off to a good start, but once again, TNA lost the goodwill of the fans in the midst of a string of matches that followed featuring multiple people involved, match outcomes not meaning anything, the action or people outside of the ring being focused on more than the matches themselves, and meaningless heel turns. Particularly confusing was Bob Backlund’s win over Alex Shelly, which was followed by a string of activity that was needless and confusing. Shelley and Chris Sabin jumped Backlund after the match. Then Jerry Lynn came out, followed by Kevin Nash, who gave him a big boot.

Are you with me still? Then Jay Lethal came out and Nash bailed, as Sabin and Shelley continued to beat Backlund at ringside. It’s amazing to think anyone could come up with this post-match angle and justify its inclusion on the PPV.

TNA TV tapings report
June 19, 2007
Orlando, Fla. at Universal Studios
Report by VIP member Dead Sea Drop via correspondent in attendance, correspondent


(1) Senshi defeated Jerry Lynn & Chris Sabin in a three-way.
(2) Gail Kim defeated Ms. Brooks & Jackie in a three-way.
(3) Sonjay Dutt defeated Martyr. Kaz beat up Havok at ringside.
(4) LAX defeated Motor City Machine Guns.

by Richard Trionfo @ 12:30:00 PM on 6/20/2007
Feel free to send feedback to

The opening match of the night was very solid between Senshi, Jerry Lynn, and Petey Williams. There were a lot of spots during the match involving all three wrestlers that flowed smoothly and made sense. All three men worked well together in the match. The finish to the match was good because it saw Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer only to see him fall victim to the double stomp.

After the tapings ended, many of the wrestlers came out to sign autographs for the fans in the Impact Zone. Regardless of your opinions on the product in the ring, TNA definitely cares about the fans and tries to give back to them. With the week that TNA has (and Mike has talked about it on the site), to have them come out after three hours of wrestling was a good touch.

TNA Impact on Spike TV
July 12, 2007
Taped July 2 in Orlando, Florida
Report by James Caldwell, Torch columnist

They cut to Paparazzi Productions for Kevin Nash hosting an Old School vs. New School debate between Shelley & Sabin vs. Lynn & Backlund. Lynn said they need to be on the other side of the rail buying a ticket. Lynn said he took them under his wings, but they didn't appreciate it. Sabin and Shelley lifted up their shirts and mocked Lynn. Backlund snapped and tried to jump the youngsters while Nash signed off.

7/12 Impact Hitlist: Video Packages, Abyss Speaks, Hype for PPV
by Jon Mezzera, Torch Specialist
Jul 13, 2007, 13:18

Old School vs. New School Debate: As a fan of Kevin Nash and the Paparazzi productions in the past (at least a majority of them), I was very disappointed in this debate. First of all, where have these guys been since the last PPV? Why was there never a follow up to Nash turning (sort of) on Jay Lethal at the last PPV? And who thought any of this debate would be funny? O.k. So when Alex Shelley referred to Jerry Lynn as the lead singer of Nickel Back, I laughed. But that was it. Who is looking forward to seeing Lynn & Backlund vs. Shelley & Sabin? Who thought any of this was a good idea? Clearly this raised a lot of questions.

by Mike Johnson @ 11:38:22 AM on 7/16/2007
Mike Johnson can be reached at

The question I most get asked the day after a PPV is, "Should I order the replay?" In the case of last night's Victory Road PPV, I would absolutely say yes just based on the in-ring wrestling. From top to bottom, there was a lot of good on the PPV.

Jerry Lynn looked good as always and it's amazing he's as good and as crisp as ever. Backlund was Backlund.

by Mike Johnson @ 11:02:41 PM on 7/15/2007

Welcome to's live coverage of TNA Victory Road 2007. The pre-game show was the Road to Victory Road special from SpikeTV, highlighted by Senshi defeating Jerry Lynn and Petey Williams in a very good match after the Warrior's Way doublestomp off the top rope on Williams, who had just nailed the Canadian Destroyer flip piledriver on Lynn.

Leticia interviewed Jerry Lynn and Bob Backlund. Lynn said that he and Backlund were old school and stood for everything that good about professional wrestling - respect, honor and talent. He said they were going to beat respect into Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. Backlund went nuts and said they were fighting for the family unit and America.

They aired a video feature on the Old School vs. New School match

Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin (with Kevin Nash) vs. Bob Backlund & Jerry Lynn

Backlund and Sabin started off with Backlund frustrating Sabin. Sabin tried to claim Backlund pulled his hair after an armdrag attempt. The storyline early here was that the older veterans were keeping the young punks off balance with good technical wrestling. Sabin and Shelley began double teaming Lynn, tagging in and out. Lynn used a Lucha armdrag and a dropkick to ward off Shelley. Lynn hit a leaping back elbow on Shelley. He DDT'd Sabin for a two count. Lynn went for the a piledriver on Sabin, but Shelley spit a mouthful of water in his face. Shelley dropkicked Backlund off the apron to the floor.

Kevin Nash distracted the referee to give his charges a chance to work over Lynn. Lynn starts to mount a comeback but they cut him off. The referee had words with Backlund, who wanted to get in and help Lynn, allowing Sabin and Shelley to destroy Lynn. They tied Lynn upside down in the corner. Shelley hit a sliding kick, followed by Sabin's hesitation dropkick. Backlund lost it and attacked them. He hit the atomic drop on Shelley, who bumped out of the ring.

Kevin Nash entered the ring as the referee pushed Backlund out of the ring and drilled Lynn with a big boot. Shelley and Sabin destroyed Lynn with a series of fast kicks and scored the pin.

Your winners, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley!

Match was good when Lynn was in and pure silliness when Backlund was involved. It was good.

by Mike Johnson @ 10:29:28 PM on 7/16/2007

Chris Harris needed six stitches as the result of a chairshot he took tonight during the TNA Impact taping in Orlando, Florida.

Basham knocked himself out on his feet after taking a bump out of the ring during a match against Jerry Lynn, hitting his head on the ring steps. While Basham returned to the ring, the decision was made to stop the match as it was obvious he wasn't well.

TNA TV tapings report
July 16, 2007
Orlando, Fla. at Universal Studios
Report by Alan J. Wojcik (, correspondent


(1) Jerry Lynn defeated Basham via countout.

by Richard Trionfo @ 9:51:28 PM on 7/16/2007


*Jerry Lynn defeated Basham after the referee stopped the match when Basham took a bad bump and was knocked out on his feet. It didn't look to be an angle.

News on NFL Star Teaming with The Rock in WWE, TNA Plans Revealed, More
Written by Steve Carrier on 08/04/07 at 12:50 AM

Amidst all the Pacman Jones and TNA discussion, Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis confirmed to the Baltimore Sun earlier this week that he was set to wrestle for TNA this past June at Slammiversary and for WWE back in 2001. Lewis says he agreed to be James Storms's partner in the match against Jerry Lynn and Titan Frank Wycheck. Lewis says he backed out three days before the PPV, but didn't say why. Lewis, who would have entered the match as a heel, would have done a face turn and helped Wycheck and Lynn win the match, he says.

Ray also acknowledged that he had a deal to wrestle for WWE back in 2001, but he backed out of that match as well. The way he tells it, he was supposed to team with his former University of Miami teammate The Rock and he even boarded the plane to go to the event but backed out at the last minute.

When asked if he would ever wrestle, the Baltimore Raven said: “Nah, nah, nah. That’s more acting. That’s a whole different world.” But then he added: “I never want to say never. If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s not, it’s not.”

by Mike Johnson @ 2:00:41 PM on 8/7/2007

TNA was the talk of the sports world yesterday with the Pacman Jones signing. I had more non-wrestling friends ask me what TNA was in the last 24 hours than I can ever recall. Like I wrote yesterday, the signing was done to raise awareness of the company and they will accomplish that easily. Whether that translates into something more, we will have to wait and see. Jones will be training under Jeff Jarrett and I believe Jerry Lynn, Chris Harris and James Storm, among others, in a ring TNA has set up at Jones' home. Jones didn't appear at a press conference TNA held yesterday in Nashville.

Tossing Salt - Worldwide News
August 12, 2007
Doug Maynard

TNA has a PPV event later tonight? Are you watching it? I might - I haven't decided yet. Here's my predictions for the show:

Kazarian over Raven, Eric Young conquers Robert Roode, Dustin Rhodes defeats James Storm, LAX stops the James Gang, Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal get some help from big Kev to squeak a win over XXX & The Motor City Machine Guns, Rhino over James Storm in the Bar Room Brawl, The Steiner Brothers over Team 3D, Samoa Joe kills Kurt Angle dead and takes all the titles, The Christian Coalition (Cage, Styles, Tomko) over Sting, Abyss & Andrew "Punisher" Martin in the "Doomsday Chamber of Blood" main event. Christian takes the pin after a turn by Test.

An interesting card. Not a must-see, but somewhat intriquing anyhow. But no Jerry Lynn? No Christy Hemme? No Lance Hoyt? No Mr. Backlund? The main reasons I'd want to watch have the night off. Whassup with dat?

But we still have Jeremy Borasch & Don West, thank God!

by Mike Johnson @ 1:40:10 PM on 8/13/2007

Add Jerry Lynn to the list of names (Hoyt, Hemme) not brought in to Orlando as there were no plans for him for the PPV or tonight's TV.

TNA Roster News
Date: 8/15/2007 6:45:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: Mike Johnson's Hot News Hotline

According to Mike Johnson, Jerry Lynn is no longer on the TNA roster. He asked for his release and received it. Johnson doesn't feel Lynn will be going to WWE but will work the Indy circuit. He also went on to talk about how TNA blew it with Lynn by not using him correctly.

Matt Bentley's contract is due to expire in about 10 days, and according to Johnson neither Bentley or TNA expect it will be be renewed. Johnson also stressed that even though a contract may not be in place, that doesn't stop TNA from using talent in house shows, which is the case with The Naturals, so it isn't a situation of necessarily being totally severed from the company. Johnson said a few years ago there was interest in Bentley by WWE, but doesn't know if that is still the case. Of course, Bentley is the real life nephew of Shawn Michaels.

Matt Hyson (Brother Runt) is also gone from the company. Johnson noted he hadn't been used lately. Doug Basham and Damaja are also no longer with TNA.

Andrew Martin has not endeared himself to the TNA locker room at all. The way he presented himself and his ideas of how he should be used by the company rubbed some people the wrong way.

by Mike Johnson @ 1:23:18 PM on 8/16/2007
TNA's website has removed the profiles of Jerry Lynn, Brother Runt, Matt Bentley, Damaja and Basham, all of whom (as I broke yesterday in my Elite Hotline) have been released from the company. In the case of Lynn, he asked for and received a release after being with the company from its debut in 2002. I am always shocked when any company lets someone of Lynn's caliber depart, so to me, that one boggled my mind, even if he wanted out.

Thu Sep 6, 2007 6:26 pm (PST)
Says one colleague regarding why Jerry Lynn was let go: "He walked out moping all the time like he'd rather be dead than at TNA. He brought the morale down..."

Tossing Salt - Worldwide News
Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Doug Maynard

And Vince needs to hire Jerry Lynn for the ECW Brand - let him teach and work the younger guys - and have a good six-month feud with CM Punk. They can trade the gold back and forth, add some prestige to the title that it currently lacks and the ratings would go up. I know I'd start watching more often.

Enough ramblings. Let's move on.
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