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June - December 2007

Steve Corino Interview Recap
Steve Gerweck - Wednesday, June 6 2007 - 8:22 PM
Thanks to IYH Fan Goosey for doing this recap, tune into Shockwave Wrestling Radio every Friday night at 10pm est located at

Caller Riren asks if he somebody scripted Jerry Lynn writing Die in Steve's blood on his chest. He says Jerry is a heel at heart and that Jerry thought this would be
a way to turn heel because Paul Heyman wouldn't let him.

Independent Wrestling Update
Steve Gerweck - Wednesday, June 6 2007 - 10:20 AM

F1RST Wrestling Presents: "The Return"
F1RST Wrestling would like to thank the 240 wrestling fans that came out to show their support for our second show this past Sunday night. We couldn't, andcannot do it with out you and your continued support. So again, thank you!

Jerry Lynn defeated Arik Cannon after a cradle piledriver.

Tuesday News Update
Tue Jun 12, 2007 1:58 pm (PST)

--Anarchy Championship Wrestling from Sunday night in San Antonio: Tony Morales over Jason Gore, Shawn Vexx and Julio Garza, Jaykus Plisken b Angel of SIN, Shance Williams won over Marco Riviera and Haniel T, Rachel Summerlyn & Skylar Skelly b Darin Childs & Daffney Unger, Tony Vega & Chris James won three-way over Rory Fox & Mike Dell and Massive & Rexx Reed, Jerry Lynn b Scot Summers (thanks to Barry Yount)

Bill Alfonso interview recap
Saturday, June 16th, 2007
The Pain Clinic pro wrestling talk show
Hot Talk 1280 WHTK-AM (Rochester, New York)
Listen to the full interview and show now at

Fonzie talked about a Squared Circle Wrestling show he is working on Saturday, June 23rd, which Jerry Lynn is also on.

Fonzie talked about Jerry Lynn and then transitioned into talking about Rob Van Dam, who he said he hung out with last weekend along with RVD's wife. They watched some old tapes, discussed RVD's future, "talked a little business but more pleasure" and more.

Monday News Update
Mon Jun 18, 2007 4:58 pm (PST)
by Dave Meltzer

-- Jerry Lynn appears for BANG Wrestling on 7/1 in Ocala at the Funking Conservatory

Sunday, June 24 2007 - 5:04 PM

2CW Results from June 23rd Rochester NY: Jerry Lynn, Fonzie, SWB, Outkast and Loca Balcony Dive!!

What a great night of wrestling action in Rochester NY at the German House. We saw the debuts of "THE NEW F'N SHOW" Jerry Lynn, Brian Fury and the tag team of The Wyld Stallyons, 2CW Champion DIZZIE successfully defend his Title against Zaquary Springate III and the balcony dive of Loca Vida. We here at 2CW want to thank all those fans that came out last night to support us. THANKS. Now onto the results......

MATCH #3 - Nikki Roxx vs. Ariel
WINNER: Nikki Roxx

WOW!!! What an amazing match and the crowd let these ladies know it. It was awesome!!! You will not see women wrestling like that on Monday nights.

MATCH #8 - "THE NEW F'N SHOW" Jerry Lynn vs. Slyck Wagner Brown
WINNER: Slyck Wagner Brown

Another match that just solidifies why 2CW is where the wrestling is the entertainment. These two veterans gave the fans another amazing match for the evening. Slyck picks up the win only to be attacked by DIZZIE and then Zaquary Spingate III came in and also attacked only for both men to be laid out by Lynn and Brown. Fans then celebrated with Lynn and Brown as the show came to an end.

Thanks for all the support and stop by and for all the latest news and announcements on the upcoming

Funking Conservatory - Results from Support the Troops 17, Red White Black and Blue
Dory Funk Jr. - Monday, July 2 2007 - 1:54 PM

!BANG! TV's Television Taping started 15 minutes early as the Funking Conservatory Arena was packed to capacity with a standing room only crowd of 200 avid wrestling fans.

Special Guest for the !BANG! TV Taping was Jack Brisco. Appearing on the card, Jerry Lynn.

In a three way battle for the Women's Championship, a new Women's Champion was crowned when Miss Vicki (Corner Person Shane Chung) won after first spearing The Claw, Claudia Reiff (Corner Person Jerry Lynn) then catching her own tag team partner, Lady Kimberly (Corner Person Blain Rage) with a spear then covering her for a three count. Lady Kimberly's foot was on the bottom rope however it was pushed off by Miss Vicki's Corner Person, Shane Chung and the Referee awarded Miss Vicki the Funking Conservatory Women's Championship.

In the final match, Elvis Sharp with the Pop Tarts, Lady Kimberly and Miss Vicki and Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell with Sandii Skye became new Funking Conservatory Tag Team Champions winning by disqualification over Johnny Magnum and Jerry Lynn in a match held under TNA rules. (Championships can change hands on a disqualification) Sandii Skye's attempt at a low blow from behind on Jerry Lynn was ill conceived as Jerry Lynn blocked the low blow between his legs and reversed Sandii Skye into a "Bob Backlund" Special Chicken Wing and Half Nelson. The referee, The Claw disqualified Jerry Lynn for unecessary roughness on a non-wrestler of the opposite sex giving the Funking Conservatory Tag Team Championship to Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell and Elvis Sharp.

The next !BANG! TV Taping will be Sunday July 29th. Appearing on the card will be Father James Mitchell and James Storm. For ticket information and Funking Conservatory Training Schedules call 352-895-4658 or visit for more information.

Texas Wrestling Promoter conducts a MySpace top 100

Texas Promoter Devin Storm ( ) did a Independent Wrestlers TOP 100 as voted by the fans and people of MySpace, he allowed people to add him as a friend or simply send him an email message giving there picks, he tallied the voted up on July 1st and this was his final list, The popularity seemed to play more to Independent wrestlers in Texas (simply because of the promoters booking area I am sure) but there are multible wrestlers from across the globe in this list, either way this is an interesting list nonetheless, here are the male wrestlers results.


Top 100 Male Wrestlers:
1. Rexx Reed
2. Rodney Mack
3. Mike Foxx
4. Seth Shai
5. Michael Faith
6. Rob Ryzin
7. Lance Hoyt
8. Nobbie Bryant
9. Ricky Romero
10. Shemus
11. Jimmy Jact Cash
12. Nigel Mcguinness
13. Brandon Collins
14. Mike DiBiase
15. Viper
16. Sean Cordova
17. Buff Bagwell
18. Chuey Martinez
19. Diamond Dave
20. Julio Garza
21. Tony Morales
22. Matt Bentley
23. Brett Barnes
24. Ryan Davidson
25. Franco DeAngelo
26. Low-ki
27. Tejano Kid
28. Spoiler 2000
29. Andy Dalton
30. Cody Runnels
31. Wally Darkman
32. Ultimate Astro
33. Mace Malone
34. Necro Butcher
35. Jiggalo James Johnson
36. Mark Wilson
37. Chad Thomas
38. Shawn Vexx
39. Widowmaker
40. Austin Riley
41. Maddogg
42. AWOL
43. Pendragon
44. Max Muscles
45. Joey Corman
46. Ken Mahler
47. Crazy Johnny Tiger
48. Matt Sydal
49. Chris Hero

50. Jerry Lynn

51. Action Jackson
52. Livewire
53. Claudio Castagnoli
54. J.D. Michaels
55. Darin Childs
56. Thunder
57. Brice Payne
58. Dice Murdoch
59. Doink the Clown
60. Shaka
61. Martin Styles
62. American Dragon
63. Gemini
64. Zack Gowen
65. Chimaera
66. Mercury Mcloud
67. Shance Williams
68. Biohazzard
69. Viktor Tadlock
70. Jacob Ladder
71. Violent V
72. Scott Norton
73. Scotty Riggs
74. Shane Stratmore
75. Sinn
76. Rancid Jack Stevens
77. Vordell Walker
78. Ikaika
79. Tremendous One
80. Tim Rockwell
81. John O'Malley
82. Ian Rotten
83. Jaykus Plyskon
84. Masada
85. Scott Summers
86. Jon Cutler
87. Steve Corino
88. Colt Cabana
89. Norman Smiley
90. Canadian Hammer
91. Chris Youngblood
92. Jeremy Young
93. Sirus Lavey
94. Nick Bondage
95. Kevin Douglas
96. MVP
98. Mitch Ryder
99. B.J. Turner
100.Bernard Funk

Thursday News Update
Thu Jul 12, 2007 7:36 pm (PST)
--Jerry Lynn is accepting independent bookings at

AAW Press Release - Preview for Saturday 7/14

Saturday July 14th is the day every AAW athlete and every AAW fan has had marked on their calendars all year. July 14th the Berwyn Eagles Club will once again host AAW’s biggest event of the year, the third annual “Scars and Stripes”. This years show promises to be the biggest in the company’s three and a half year history. This is the night titles will be up for grabs, scores will be settled, and blood will be spilled. Let’s take a closer look at the card for AAW Scars and Stripes 2007!


Jerry Lynn defeated Marek Brave on May 19th to become the sixth man to hold the AAW Heavyweight title. After resorting to a low blow to pin the young champ, Jerry Lynn would go on to taunt Marek and the AAW faithful. This change in attitude has forced the entire roster to take notice. Lynn was once one of the most respected veterans in the AAW lockeroom and is now one of the most dangerous. A 20 man over the top rope battle royal will be held at Scars and Stripes with the winner earning the first shot at Jerry Lynn and the belt later on in the evening. With so much at stake friendships will be set aside and this battle royal promises to be an absolute war.

Frankie “Kaz” Kazarian Interview Recap from Sunday Night’s Wrestling Observer Live Radio Show:
Steve Gerweck - Monday, July 16 2007 - 4:06 PM

- Frankie said Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe has everyone's respect in the locker room. He said no one is really the locker room leader, but said it's an asset to have guys like Kurt Angle and Sting in their locker room. He said it's a family atmosphere in TNA. He said lots of the X-division wrestlers look up to Jerry Lynn.

AAW action from Berwyn, Illinois Saturday (July 14) night
Derek St. Holmes d. Tony Rican via submission
American History Next (Steve Stone & Brandon Blaze) d. Kris Hybrid and Bonebreaker Brooks
Krotch won the 20 man battle royal
Charlie Manson Jr d. Tyme Paige and Samuray Del Sol in a three way dance
Marek Brave d. Mason Graves
Northstar Express and Arik Canon w/ Jimmy Jacobs d. Dan Lawrence, Ryan Boz, and Shane Holister
Eric Priest d. Joey Mercury to retain the AAW Heritage Title
The Phoenix Twins d. Absolute Answer
Silas Young d. Zach Gowen
Jerry Lynn d. Krotch to retain the AAW Heavyweight title

by Les Thatcher @ 1:41:34 PM on 7/19/2007

I would like to see Basham and Damaja at some point worked into the main tag team scene as they can step up if given the chance. While talking about TNA let me interject this. Rumors have surfaced that Sean Waltman might be headed in that direction. If that is the case, then please oh might creative people, give Sean and Jerry Lynn 20 minutes or so on one of your television tapings and let them go. Also get all the young guys gathered around a TV monitor for a lesson in how it's done. These two athletes are talented and mature and can be great teachers for the current crop of hopefuls.

AAW Scars And Stripes 07 Results
Submitted by Errol Leigh Farrell on Saturday, July 21, 2007 at 6:06 PM EST

Pre show:
Derek St. Holmes d. Tony Rican via submission
American History Next (Steve Stone & Brandon Blaze) d. Kris Hybrid and Bonebreaker Brooks

Show opened with a promo by Derek St. Holmes who was conducting a class with his trainees in the lockeroom. The students were distracted by the lovely Koa who convinced Derek to let the class out early for some “one on one” training.

-In an amazing upset, Krotch won the 20 man battle royal and earned a shot at Jerry Lynn later in the evening.

It came down to Ryan Boz, Jay Ryan, Silas Young and Krotch. After Silas dumepd both of the big men out from behind he charged Krotch who ducked down and sent Silas flying over the top.

A promo from Eric Priest where he claimed he would defeat Joey Mercury later in the evening and then called out Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lynn saying it wasn’t the belt that makes the man but the man that makes the belt. Jimmy Jacobs interrupted Priest and told him he had three of the best wrestlers in AAW in his stable and the Heritage title would soon be back with Jacobs.

-Jerry Lynn d. Krotch to retain the AAW Heavyweight title

The underdog Krotch came close on a few occasions to scoring the biggest win of his career but finally was put away by a cradle piledriver.


Torch Indy Weekend Report: Cannon, Whitmer, J.Lynn, and ROH vs. CZW in the Philly market
By Chris Vetter, Torch Contributor
Aug 13, 2007, 17:48

AAW, Aug. 11, Berwyn, Ill.: Trik Davis & Conrad Kennedy III defeat
American History Next, Brandon Blaze defeats Knight Wagner, Brandon
Blaze defeats Hunter Matthews, Arik Cannon defeats Tyme Paige and
Samurai Del Sol and Bonebreaker Brooks and Kris Hybrid and Chandler
McClure in a six-way, Ryan Cruz & Darin Corbin defeat Dan Lawrence &
Ryan Boz, Eric Priest defeats Jay Ryan, Danny Daniels & Jayson Reign
defeat the Michigan Invasion, Christian York defeats Marek Brave, the
Phoenix Twins defeat Bryce Benjamin & Shane Hollister, Tyler Black defeats Krotch, Jerry Lynn defeats Skullkrusher Rasche Brown.

Tonight Jerry Lynn in Lewisburg!!
9/20/2007, 4:09 pm
2224 Mooresville Hwy
Lewisburg ,Tn

Main Event - Boxing Match - Grease Lightning vs JP "Cage " Jones w/Cha Z

"Former TNA Star" - Jerry Lynn vs Brandon Stone

Bobby Lowe vs Gypsy Joe

Womens Match - Brittany vs Kayla

Tag Team Action - Mikey Dunn vs Jason James & Chris Champion

2CW Results from Sept. 21st and 22nd Weekend. 2CW Champion Dizzie, Scorpio, Lynn, Spike, AMIL, Delirious and much moreþ

The BACK 2 BACK Weekend is over and after facing two of the hardest challenges he has had to deal with, DIZZIE is still the 2CW Heavyweight Champion. Lets get to the results from Night One...

MAIN EVENT: For the 2CW Heavyweight Championship
2CW Champion, Dizzie VS. Challenger, Jerry Lynn
Dizzie retains the Title by holding the ropes for the 1,2 and 3

Spike Dudley, "Main Event" Jason Axe, & Gordy VS. All Money Is Legal & Studly Steve McKenzie

Slyck Wagner Brown VS. "Hurricane" John Walters

Isys Ephex VS."Die Hard" Eddie Edwards

Zaquary Springate III VS. AJAX820

Mixed TAG:
Nikki Roxx & J.D. Love VS. Lexxus & Loca Vida

Dan Dynasty vs. "The Amazin'" Kevin Grace


VISIT and for all the latest news on 2CW and the upcoming shows. Also visit for 2CW videos.

Torch Indy Weekend Report: CIMA wins in PWG, Whitmer misses IWA show, Delirious, Jacobs
By Chris Vetter, Torch Contributor
Sep 4, 2007, 17:33

AAW, Sept. 8, Berwyn, Ill., the Eagles Club, with Eric Priest vs. Arik Cannon, Jayson Reign & Chandler McClure, Phil Atlas vs. Danny Daniels vs. B.J. Whitmer vs. M-Dogg 20, Tyler Black vs. Nigel McGuinnes, the AAW debuts of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, and matches with Jerry Lynn, Jimmy Jacobs, the North Star Express, Marek Brave, Zach Gowen, Krotch and the Phoenix Twins.

Monday news update:
Mon Sep 10, 2007
by Dave Meltzer

--AAW from Saturday night in Berwyn, IL: Brandon Blaze b Jordan McIntyre, Derek St. Holmes & Knight Wagner b Absolute Answer, Tyme Paige & Samuray del Sol & Tony Rican b The Family, Bryce Benjamin & Shane Hollister b Kris Hybrid & Bonebreaker Brooks, Jay Ryan b Skullcrusher, Phil Atlas b B.J. Whitmer, Tyler Black b Nigel McGuiness, Jayson Reign b Chandler McClure, Phoenix Twins b Dan Lawrence & Ryan Boz, M Dogg 20 b Silas Young, Darrin Corbin & Ryan Cruz NC Zach Gowen & Krotsch, Northstar Express & Arik Cannon b Zach Gowen & Krotsch, Jerry Lynn b Delirious to keep AAW title, Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley b Trik Davis & Conrad Kennedy III to win AAW tag titles. next show is 9/29 with Sabin & Shelley vs., Christian York & Joey Mercury, plus the debut of Austin Aries (thanks to Mike Petkovich)

IWR Wrestling, Oct. 14, Royal Oak, Mich., with LA Park vs. Conrad Kennedy III, Too Cold Scorpio vs. Ultimo Dragon, Jerry Lynn vs. N8 Mattson, Josh Abercrombie vs. Gutter vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Truth Martini.

AAW - Reign of Violence Results
Submitted by Errol Leigh Farrell on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at 5:02 PM EST

*Promo with Kevin Harvey interviewing Jerry Lynn about his mystery opponent. Out of nowhere Delirious popped up in front of the camera and stole Lynns title belt as the fans erupted!

- Jerry Lynn d. Delirious to retain the AAW Heavyweight title

Delirious had the fans on their feet for the entire match but in the end Lynn was able to escape with belt.

Press Release: Revolucha 4 Returns to Royal Oak,
Michigan on 10-14 with LA Park, 2 Cold Scorpio, Ultimo
Dragon, Jerry Lynn & more!þ & Blah Blah Blah Production present:

What: "Revolucha 4" (National DVD Taping)
When: Sunday, October 14th 2007
Where: Royal Oak Music Theatre
318 W 4th St
Royal Oak, MI 48067
Doors: 6:00 PM
Belltime: 7:30 PM
Ticket Prices: $30 - VIP Ring Level (Includes EXCLUSIVE entry into pre-show filming of ¡Viva la Podcast!)
$20 - Floor Level

Official Card:

2 Out of 3 Falls Title Match:
IWR Heavyweight Champion LA Park vs "The Symbol of Excellence" Conrad Kennedy III

1st Time Ever International Dream Match: 2 Cold Scorpio vs Ultimo Dragon

1st Time Ever American Dream Match: "Amazing" N8 Mattson vs "X-Division Pioneer" Jerry Lynn

Fatal 4-Way: Josh Abercrombie vs Gutter vs Jimmy Jacobs vs Truth Martini

Plus Much More!
Official Flyer:
(Click for Printable Size)

Revolucha 4 Commercial:

Local Detroit Wrestling Promotion Lands Major National Deal
SEPTEMBER 24, 2007


"REVOLUCHA 4" LIVE OCTOBER 14th in MICHIGAN, Detroit's IWR Wrestling and Blah Blah Blah Productions have teamed up with special interest video distributor BIG VISION ENTERTAINMENT for the national release of the REVOLUCHA "DIA DE LOS MUERTOS" DVD. Filmed in Detroit in October of 2006, "DIA DE LOS MUERTOS" will be released nationwide on October 2, 2007 to all major media retail and online outlets throughout the country.

This revolutionary hybrid of Mexican Lucha Libre and American Pro Wrestling features the top stars from Mexico and the United States, all captured with state of the art digital filming by some of the leading cinematographers in the industry today. The DVD also features some of the most creative editing and animation ever seen in a wrestling context and sets a new standard for the future of wrestling DVD production, bringing the viewer closer to the action than ever before.


IWR will celebrate this national DVD release with a special live REVOLUCHA wrestling super card, October 14, 2007 at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. The show will be headlined by the return of Lucha Libre icon and former WCW star LA PARK as he faces former IWR Champion CK3 in a 2 out of 3 falls battle. Also making his REVOLUCHA return is Japanese and Mexican legend the ULTIMO DRAGON who is set to face off against former ECW Champion and star of both WWE and WCW- 2 COLD SCORPIO!

The October 14 Live Show will mark the debut of TNA/ECW/WCW wrestling sensation JERRY LYNN as he goes against one of Michigan's hardest hitting veterans N8 MATTSON for the title of the “King of the Independents.” REVOLUCHA 4 also sees the return of Detroit's "Bruiser-weight Luchadores" the BUMP-N-UGLIES, Wrestling Society X and Ring of Honor standouts Jimmy Jacobs and Josh Abercrombie along with the stars from the Independent Wrestling Revolution like EDDIE VENOM and more!

Tickets are on sale now and selling fast for this monumental event, which will be captured on film for future national release. The Royal Oak Music Theatre is located at 318 W. 4th Street in Royal Oak Michigan, 48067 . Tickets are available at the box office and through

IWR Wrestling Online Feat. FREE Video Trailers and Podcast: or

Tuesday news update:
Tue Oct 2, 2007 7:13 pm (PST)
by Dave Meltzer

--AAW from Saturday night in Berwyn, IL: Hardcore Craig & Steve Stone & Tony Rican & Jordan McIntyre & Cadillac Jones b Derek St. Holmes & Knight Wagner & Hunter Matthews & Bonebreaker Brooks & Kris Hybrid, Jimmy Jacobs b Dan Lawrence, Raschke Brown b Brandon Blaze, Michigan Invasion won four-way over Absolute Answer, Tyme Paige & Charly Manson Jr. and DP associates, Krotch b Silas Young, Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley b Christian York & Joey Mercury in close to 30:00, Arik Cannon b Danny Daniels, Eric Priest & Matt Cross b Northstar Express, Tyler Black b Austin Aries, Bryce Benjamin & Shane Hollister b Phoenix Twins. Next show is 10/20 with Jerry Lynn vs. Jayson Reign, Priest vs. Arik Cannon and Sabin & Shelley defending the tag team titles

AAW Results - Massacre 2007
Submitted by Errol Leigh Farrell on Sunday, October 21, 2007 at 2:37 PM EST

Pre Show:
Cadillac Jones, Shawn Santanna, Chris Able d. Jordan Mcintyre and the Family

Krotch w/ Nikki and Dan Lawrence d. Hunet Matthews and Knight Wagner

*Show opened with a promo from Tyler Black. Jim Jesus
arrived and Tyler asked where he'd been the last 3
months. Tyler told him to stay in the back tonight
while he took care of Josh Abercrombie.

Silas Young d. Tyme Paige

"Gringo Loco" was caught going for a sunsetflip when
Silas sat down and hooked the legs for the win.

*Kevin Harvey interviewed Bryce Benjamin and Shane
Holister in the ring. Benjamin is injured and cannot
compete. The Phoenix Twins and Brandon Blaze came out.
The Twins and Adrenaline Overdose shook hands as a
mutual show of respect. The Northstar Express came out
and claimed they were the #1 contenders for the tag
titles and got into a brawl with the Twins. Brandon
Blaze was not happy the Twins shook hands with
Holister and attacked him leading to....

Shane Holister d. Brandon Blaze

* Promo from Chandler McClure asking the fans to fill
out the cards on their chairs for the "Fan
Appreciation raffle". Chandler thought he was off
camera when his lawyer called and he said he would
soon have all the fans information so he could take
legal action against them for his injuries sustained
in the Fans bring the weapons match last month.

Michigan Invasion (Martinini and Mattson) d. Killer
Kris Hybrid and Bonebreaker Brooks

Probably the best outing Brooks and Hybrid have had
thus far in AAW but in the end the MII was just to
much and hit the Detroit curb stomp on Hybrid for the

Tyler Black d. Josh Abercrombie

An excellent match that saw a ton of action and
nearfalls. Fans really got behind Abercrombie but
Black got the win with a small package driver. Danny
Daniels confronted Tyler after the match and Jim Jesus
came out claiming he would have to wait until the
Windy City Classic where it will be Daniels vs Black
in an I Quit match. Black looked frustrated with JJ

*Eric Priest came to the ring with crutches as he
suffered and knee injury. (He is expected to miss a
few months of action). Arik Cannon demanded his
Heritage title match. Priest said he would get the
match and the comitte had approved someone defending
the belt for him.

"Skullkrusher" Rasche Brown d. Arik Cannon to retain
the AAW Heritage title for Eric Priest with a huge

Derek St Holmes d. Hardcore Craig with help from Koa

Ryan Boz d. Tony Rican.

At one point Boz pressed Rican and threw him into the
crowd! After Boz got the victory Dan Lawrence hit the
ring with a steel chair and Boz bailed.

*Promo from Jayson Reign saying he would prove
everyone wrong and walk out of Berwyn with AAW title.

The Phoenix Twins d. The Northstar Express

The fans actually got behind the The Phoenix Twins
here as they used a double switch to outsmart the NSE.

Jerry Lynn d. Jayson Reign to retain the AAW Heavyweight title

Jayson Reign proved to everyone that he deserved this title shot as this was a very competative match. In the end Lynn hit the cradle pildriver on a steel chair for the victory.

*After the match Jerry Lynn got on the mic and declared there was no one in AAW that could take the belt from him. The lights went out and when they came back on "The Human Massacre" Keith Walker was in the ring! Walker speared the champ and told him at the Windy City Classic "the title is coming home."

Next show is 11/24 with Jerry Lynn vs. Keith Walker and Tyler Black vs. Danny Daniels in an I Quit match and the return of Austin Aries

The 2007 PWI 500 list
Chris Johnson - Friday, September 21 2007 - 8:05 AM

John Cena is ranked number one in the 2007 edition of the PWI 500. He was ranked number one last year as well. The other two wrestlers to be honored in two consecutive years as number one in the PWI 500 are Bret Hart and Steve Austin.

Before we get to the list, here is a reminder of the criteria used for ranking the PWI 500, which is based on a grading period of August 2006 to July 2007.

- Win-loss record
- Technical Ability
- Influence on the sport
- Success against the highest grade of competition
- Success against the most diverse competition
- Activity

12. Samoa Joe
13. Batista
32. AJ Styles
58. Sabu
117. Jeff Jarrett
120. Eric Young
130. Snitsky
135. Trevor Murdoch
139. Jerry Lynn
144. Juventud Guerrera
148. The Miz
155. Joey Mercury
173. Matt Striker
182. Tommy Dreamer
184. Mark Henry
210. Johnny "Havok" Devine
220. Mike Knox
238. Andy Douglas
241. Chase Stevens
266. Stevie Richards
283. Super Dragon
288. Tony Mamaluke
302. Psicosis
305. Justin Credible
310. Necro Butcher
311. Josh Daniels
318. Hallowicked
320. Teddy Hart
323. Elix Skipper
324. Ace Steel
330. D-Ray 3000
331. Larry Sweeney
372. Sterling James Keenan
385. Christian York
483. Tracy Smothers
489. Azrieal

--West Texas Wrestling Association on 10/1 features a one-night tournament for $3. Winner of the tournament faces Jerry Lynn on 10/13. Both shows are in Amarillo, TX

Canadian Wrestlers in India Tour Controversy - One Arrested
Steve Gerweck - Saturday, October 27 2007 - 9:18 PM

from the IWS Newsletter:

India Wrestling Tour Controversy

A wrestler, presumed to be from Ontario, was jailed
after a one week tour of India by 16 wrestlers, mainly
from Canada, disintegrated in controversy and a near
riot as the organizers announced that it was cancelled
during the initial press conference.

According to the Times of India, Tiger Jeet Singh’s
Universal Wrestling Stars Inc., a Canadian wrestling
company, was scheduled to do a “India vs. Rest of the
World - War of Legends” tour in Patiala, Ludhiana and
Jalandhar. The shows were cancelled after organizers
failed to obtain permission from the Indian security
agencies and the sports department. In addition, they
were asked to pay a 125% tax on the tickets sold.

During the press conference, held Thursday, October
25th, the wrestlers expressed their anger at coming
all the way to India only for the tour to be
cancelled. The most angry was the “Russian” Nikita who
flipped a table in the general direction of the press,
called them “ugly Indian cheats” (which was described
as a “racial epithet” by the local press) and
challenged any Indian to wrestle him, saying “I am
here to kill you.” He was subsequently arrested and
his passport was seized.

In reality, the “Russian” is almost certainly Ontario
wrestler Alexander the Great aka Jason X, travelling
with Ontario promoter, trainer and wrestler Ron
Hutchison. Various Ontario wrestling insiders confirm
that it was him, based on videos of the press
conference and posters of the tour.

Needless to say, the Indian press accepts that Nikita
is Russian and some have even speculated that the
incident will affect relations with Russia. From a
Tribune opinion article by Shastri Ramachandaran
(hopefully with tongue firmly wedged in cheek), “It is
a relief that the organisers will be around to put up
a fight another day, and leave the country to now
proceed with a policy debate on what the fracas means
for India-Russian relations. Was this simply a
tactical blunder or is it a strategic failure with
long-term consequences for India, Russia and all those
smaller countries in between? Is it in anticipation of
this clash that top Russian politicos gave a wide
berth to Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Defence
Minister A K Antony when they were in Moscow

Also on the tour were high profile wrestling stars Sonjay Dutt, Jerry Lynn and Steve Corino.

Four joshi (women wrestlers) from Quebec and Ontario
were also scheduled to appear: Kacey Diamond, the
first champion of ALF (Association de Lutte Feminin)
the only monthly joshi promotion in Canada; Josianne
the Pussycat, a veteran of Carmen Elektra’s Naked
Women Wrestling League; respected veteran Misty Haven,
wife of Ontario’s Michael Von Payton; and Portia

Former International Wrestling Syndicate Canadian
Champion, Dan Paysan was also booked on the tour,
scheduled to feud with Sonjay Dutt as the masked “Mr.

All of the wrestlers are staying at the Hotel Park Plaza in Ludhiana, waiting for their previously scheduled return. In other words, despite the tour being cancelled, the wrestlers are in India for the duration of what would have been the tour.

Information from this article was taken from the following:

by Mike Johnson @ 8:55:33 AM on 11/6/2007

ECWA proudly presents
The 2007 Super 8 Tournament
Saturday evening, November 10, 2007
Greater Newark Boys' & Girls' Club
109 Glasgow Drive
Rt. 40 & #1 Positive Place
Newark, DE 19702

Doors open: 6:30 p.m.
Showtime: 7:30 p.m.
For info and reserved seating call (302) 325-1592
or e-mail at:


2007 Super 8 Tournament
November 10
to be hosted by:
ECWA Heavyweight Champion

This years competitors are

Monday Ring Notes
Date: 11/12/2007

--USWO in Nashville Friday night before 91 fans: J.D. Fluffy b Super Delirious Black Ninja, Damien Payne won three-way over Cousin Jason X and Shane Smalls, Bill & Jamie Dundee b Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix, Tim Renesto b New York Gangster, Michael Jablonski b Slade and Anthony Cervantes, Chris Michaels & Mark Anthony b L.T. Falk & Jerry Lynn (thanks to Jimmie Daniel)

AAW Windy City Classic III Results
Submitted by Errol Leigh Farrell on Sunday, November 25, 2007 at 3:24 PM EST

Jerry Lynn d. Keith Walker to retain the AAW Heavyweight title

Walker man handled Lynn in the early going. Lynn was able to take out the right leg of the cahllenger and wear him down. Walker made a comeback but the referee was taken out. Jim Jesus came to ringside and gave Lynn a steel chair. It took two chair shots, two low blows and a cradle piledriver to keep Walker down.
Walker was furious after the match and hit referee Andy Long with the Walker Driver.

Danny Daniels d. Tyler Black in an "I Quit Match" after Black passed out

These two hit each other with EVERYTHING they had. Ladders, shovels, chairs , barbed wire and tables. Too much to recap here. In the end Jim Jesus and Jerry Lynn came to ringside to help Danny Daniels!!!! Daniels applied a "rings of Saturn" submission as the fans rallied behind Tyler Black! When Black passed out from the pain Daniels was declared the winner. Jim Jesus told Tyler it wasn't personal, it was about money. Jim Jesus had placed a large bet on Daniels to win the match and had to do what it took to win that bet. "The New JJ Inc" of Jim Jesus, Jerry Lynn and Danny Daniels stood in the ring as the show came to a close.

AAW is back in Berwyn on 12/15

Leticia Cline Speaks On Going To WWE, TNA, Russo, More
Ryan Gray on 12/10/2007

Leticia Cline joined the Daily Suplex Radio ( Sunday evening for an interview with the hosts Brian Thomas, Big Luther and Jon. She spoke about her entrance into the wrestling business, the reaction of the veterans, TNA's backstage morale, and much more. Here is a recap of what went down in this 30 minute interview:

On her scripted altercation with Crystal: Leticia doesn't know if her angle was heading anywhere and that it was just kind of thrown together. She had been training with some of the girls and Jerry Lynn for a while to be able to get in the ring and more physical, but never got to use it.

Monday December 10, 2007:
--USWO on Friday night in Nashville before 113 fans: New York Gangster won three-way over J.C. Crowe and Shane Smalls, Damien Payne b Eric Star, Jeremy Travis b Tim Renesto-DQ, Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix b Cousin Jason X & Bill Dundee, L.T. Falk b Mitch Ryder, Chris Michaels b Michael Jablonski, Mark Anthony b Jerry Lynn (thanks to Jimmie Daniel)

AAW, Dec. 15, Berwyn, Ill., the Eagles Club, with Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin vs. the Phoenix Twins, Silas Young vs. Krotch, and matches with Tyler Black, Arik Cannon, Jerry Lynn, Jimmy Jacobs, Eric Priest, Jayson Reign, the North Star Express, Ryan Boz, Danny Daniels.

Dec 16, 2007
by Dave Meltzer
--AAW from yesterday before a full house in Berwyn, IL: Knight Wagner & Hunter Matthews b Dewey Dawson & Jordan McIntyre, Danny Daniels b Shane Hollister, Eric Priest b Larry Sweeney to keep AAW Heritage title, Tyler Black won four-way over Chris Hero, Arik Cannon and Josh Abercrombie, Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley b Phoenix Twins, Truth Martini & N8 Mattson b Trik Davis (partner Conrad Kennedy III missed the show due to a flight being canceled), Jayson Reign b Jimmy Jacobs, Corbin & Cruz & Ryan Boz b Tony Rican & Chris Able & Raschke Brown, Dan Lawrence b Hunter Matthews, Dan Lawrence & Keith Walker b Derek St. Holmes & Kris Hybrid & Bonebreaker Brooks, Silas Young b Krotch, Jerry Lynn b Tyler Black to keep AAW title. Next show is 1/19 with Sabin & Shelley defending against Northstar Express and Lynn defending the AAW title (thanks to Mike Petkovich)

Tue Dec 18, 2007
--Jerry Lynn is doing a training camp on 1/12 somewhere near Golden, CO. For more info go to He'll also headline a show the next night at the Buffalo Grove.
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