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IWC: International Wrestling Cartel - 5/17/08 results

Complete results by IWC Play-by-Play Announcer & Media Correspondant Joe Dombrowski

The International Wrestling Cartel returned to the Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, Pa with all the fallout from last month’s Super Indy VI spectacular. With promoter Norm Connors not in attendance, would the inmates truly be running the asylum?

Our main event saw the legendary former World champion Jerry Lynn defeat “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney for undisputed possession of the Super Indy Title. Lynn, the consummate, respectful professional refused to acknowledge himself as the official Super Indy champion until he defeated prior titleholder Sweeney. After a unique strut-off, and great contest, Lynn reigned supreme as champion, with Sweeney both gracious and humble -- and quick to mention his prized ICW/ICWA Texarkana TV Title was NOT as stake. However, IWC’s Super Indy division officially enters the Jerry Lynn Era.

Johnny Gargano was able to defeat former Super Indy champion Troy Lords in a match of two athletes at a career crossroads, searching for momentum. Gargano was accompanied to ringside by Jerry Lynn, the man who defeated Gargano to qualify into Super Indy VI. It seems Gargano’s efforts against Lynn were enough to impress the former ECW champion, as Lynn and Gargano were seen discussing strategy earlier in the day. Is Lynn taking the 20 year old upstart under his wing?

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