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SAW Results

4 – No Disqualification Match for the SAW International Championship: KID KASH (C) vs. JERRY LYNN

Lynn was all over Kash, attacking him before he made it into the ring. Mostly brawling on the outside for the first 2 minutes with some nasty back raking going on. Reno said the ref was letting them go in light of the circumstances. Kash slammed Lynn’s head into a chair and strangled him with the mike cord. Inside the ring, it was nothing but a gutter brawl. The announce team brought up ECW. Lynn catapulted Kash’s throat into the bottom rope for a near fall. Kash bit Lynn’s torso. A fan in first row looked completely disgusted by this. [Commercial break] With Lynn in full control, Kash resorted to a low blow ala Flair, then a knee drop to the nuts, and then a hotshot to the groin. Kash applied a leglock around the ropes, but Lynn punched his way out of it. Kash stomped on Lynn’s ankles. Lynn blocked a stomp and rolled away from Kash’s elbow drops. Lynn used a flying double knee to the back and a rabbit lariat. Kash kicked out. Kash wedged a chair between the ropes and tried to whip Kash into it, but Lynn put on the brakes with a baseball slide. Lynn hit a Thesz Press and pounded away. Kash kicked out of an O’Connor Roll sending Lynn’s head into the chair. Kash rolled Lynn up with the tights but Lynn kicked out. Lynn ducked a home run swing with the chair by Kash and hit a reverse DDT on the chair. Kash kicked out at the last split second. Kash rolled out to the floor. Lynn followed with a DDT on the ramp. Lynn got back in the ring to break the count, but ref Kurt Herron continued the count on Kash. Lynn tried get Kash back into the ring, but Kash hugged the ringpost to prevent it.

Herron (MSJ called him Curt Hennig) handed the belt back to Kash, still down the floor. Kash pointed at his brain and gave Lynn the one finger salute.

Winner: Jerry Lynn via countout at 9:26. The first all-action match of this feud. The great thing about it was the SAW title being treated as the ultimate prize. Kash will stoop as low as necessary to keep it, and Lynn is now obsessed with getting it. I didn’t see the count out finish as a problem, per se. It gave Kash another way to escape and keep this wonderful thing going, and not make Lynn look like a dummy. The problem was the ref allowing them to fight outside for a 20 count at the start of the match. With a different finish, who cares? But you can’t have it both ways.
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