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Jesus H. Lynn: A Jerry Lynn fansite

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1/21/07 03:17 pm - carved_dreams - USWO results and Final Resolution:

Dave Meltzer
Jun 14, 2007

--Friday night in Nashville for USWO before 94 fans: Michael Jablonski & Jay Phoenix & Saint b Cousin Jason & Petey Wright & Reno Riggins, Josie b Susan Morton, Arrick Andrews NC Matt Korbanie, L.T. Falk & Devon Day b Tim Renesto & Matt Dillenger, Chris Michaels b Jerry Lynn, Chase Stevens b Shawn Shultz (thanks to Jimmie Daniel)

TNA Turning Point Alternative Perspective PPV Review
January 14, 2007
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
By: James Caldwell, Torch columnist
Live PPV show

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Sunday, January 14, 2007 - Orlando, FL
By: Marcus Cygy

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by Richard Trionfo @ 10:59:00 AM on 1/15/2007
Send feedback to richard@pwinsider.com
Live Thoughts from Final Resolution

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TNA PPV ROUNDTABLE REVIEWS 1/15: Keller, Powell, McNeill, Caldwell, Mitchell
Jan 15, 2007, 02:35

Jason Powell, columnist (3.5)

I can't believe how poorly TNA reintroduced Jerry Lynn. He's the Randy Couture of the X Division and TNA didn't even bother to produce a video package of some of his great work from the early shows...

Wade Keller, PWTorch editor (6.5)

The X Title lost more prestige positioned as the second match on the card. Every time I complain about it not getting a co-main event spot, it gets moved further from the main event. So I'll say this month that I believe the X Title matches should become the opener for every TNA PPV and only be given six minutes. It's obviously the best thing to do.
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1/14/07 04:01 pm - carved_dreams

Don't forget: Sabin vs. Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn tonight.

by Mike Johnson @ 3:59:00 PM on 1/10/2007

Hermie Sadler's United Wrestling Federation announced the first-ever match between two of the most famous teams of the modeern era, Team 3D and Rick & Scott Steiner, would take place at the promotion's 2/3 event in Wilson, North Carolina. The full release reads:



For Immediate Release:
January 11, 2007

The United Wrestling Federation (UWF), owned by NASCAR driver and SPEED broadcaster Hermie Sadler, will make its much anticipated 2007 debut with two huge events February 2 at the Bill Ellis Convention Center in Wilson, NC and February 3 at Hanover Hall on the campus of UNC-Wilmington.

The February 3 event in Wilmington will feature a tag team event that fans have wanted to see for years, Team 3-D versus The Steiner Brothers, Rick and "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner.

In addition to team 3-D and The Steiners, talent scheduled to appear in Wilson and Wilmington include Steve Corino, Jerry Lynn, Brother Runt, The Diamonds in the Rough, as well as former WWE stars D-Lo Brown, Bull Buchanan, and former Tough Enough champion Maven. April Hunter is also scheduled to appear.

ticket informationCollapse )

by Nuno Nunes and Augusto Nunes @ 10:01:00 PM on 1/8/2007

We attended the second day "TNA - Impacto Total" House Show in Porto, Portugal. It was a good crowd but not a full house, maybe because TNA doesn't air in Portugal, only PPV's in cable, so there were only 25% or less TNA fans. After attending both of WWE Smackdown show´s last December, in all honesty, we must say TNA´s house show was a LOT better than WWE´s house show. What a great show. All the wrestlers were really committed. Great cutting edge matches, with a lot of high flying maneuvers. No one has holding back. Some of the wrestlers were giving some good solid promos, too bad that more than half of the audience (mostly kids with less than 12 years and their parents ) had no idea what the wrestlers were saying. But in my opinion, at the end of the night everyone that attended the show was very happy with what they´ve just seen. The show lasted about 3 hours or so.

Here are the results:

Team 3D w/ Brother Runt and Christy Hemme def. VKM w/ Jerry Lynn and Gail Kim - Crowd was nuts for Team 3D after Bubba called Kip James an homosexual several times in Portuguese.

-----Collapse )

NYWC Wrestling

WARNING: This video clip contains explicit language

Click here to watch the clip!

(1/10/07) For weeks, people wondered who the final competitor would be in the 6-on-6 Psycho Circus match at this year's bloody extravaganza... but finally, the secret has been revealed!

On Saturday, January 27, Mason Raige, Plazma, Maverick, Mike Spinelli and Tony Burma will team up with none other than the New F'n Show himself, Jerry Lynn! Jerry will join forces with the aforementioned group to face off against Dickie Rodz, Mega, Dan Dynasty, Jamie Van Lemer and the Angus Brothers in the Psycho Circus main event matchup. Lynn, of course, is a seasoned veteran when it comes to hardcore wrestling, but will he prepared for what the Psycho Circus has in store? The only way to find out is to be there, so get your tickets now, and don't miss Jerry Lynn at the 2007 Psycho Circus!!!

For more, check out this exclusive video clip for the announcement from Lynn's ecstatic teammates, plus a highlight reel of some of Lynn's finest in-ring moments!

Click here for more information about the 2007 PSYCHO CIRCUS!

1/8/07 04:34 pm - carved_dreams - Meltzer is confusing as usual...

--USWO on Friday night in Nashville: Michael Jablonski & Jay Phoenix b Cousin Jason & Rigor Mortis, Rob C b Don Twan & Justin Anglin, Devon Day b Tim Renesto, L.T. Falk b Matt Dillenger, Chris Michaels b Matt Korbaine, Arrick Andrews b Shawn Shultz-DQ, Shultz won Battle Royal to get a shot at Chase Stevens' title on Friday. Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Michaels is also on the show (thanks to Jimmie Daniel).

USWO Wrestling Action Live
Every Friday Night
The Stadium Inn
10 Interstate Drive
Nashville, TN
for more information call the hotline - 615 664-1669

So. Either Jerry Lynn was in Nashville this past Friday (highly doubtful since he was working in Portugal over the weekend with TNA) or Lynn is working this Friday night 1/12/07.

1/8/07 04:32 pm - carved_dreams - SATURDAY, APRIL 14th, 2007

IWC Super Indy VI!
SATURDAY, APRIL 14th, 2007
95 Enterprise St.
Elizabeth, PA 15037
PRE-SHOW: 6:00-7:15 PM
Ringside Tickets: $20.00
General Admission Tickets: $15.00
Kids General Admission Tickets: $7.00

Jerry Lynn

And the Return Of....
Samoa Joe!


1/7/07 01:11 am - carved_dreams - Results & News

by Benjamin Held @ 7:00:00 PM on 1/6/2007

I attended the "TNA - Impacto Total" House Show last night in Lisbol, Portugal. Overall I would say it was a good show. The workers were trying real hard to entertain the fans. The Crowd went ballistic some times, but a lot people people (many kids around the age of 10) had no sense what was really going on. I expected more fans from the rest of Europe, mainly the UK (I didn't see one). I guess I was the only one from Germany. One negative thing in my opinion was that the show went a little too long with nearly 3.30h (incl. 10min break).

Here are the results:

Brother Runt b. Jerry Lynn clean with the Acid Drop.
Other matchesCollapse )

Jan. 6, 2007


... TNA agents Jerry Lynn, Simon Diamond, and Shane Douglas were not used at the last TV taping (Lynn was there, but to shoot his angle, not to work as an agent) because they were being punished for not turning in their written reports by the previous Wednesday as requested. They get paid on a per-show basis, so it saved TNA some money. Word from backstage is the taping went a little smoother than usual, perhaps because those filling in (Taylor, Mantel, and Jarrett) wanted to send a message to the agents. Jarrett had been outspoken about the work of the agents not being up to his expectations lately. D'Amore, who is tight with Jarrett and often gets hotel rooms right next to him, was not among the agents being punished...

1/4/07 01:13 am - carved_dreams - Bill Banks & TNA in Portugal this weekend

X Division pioneer to take on champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin in three-way bout at the January 14 Pay-Per-View
January 1st, 2007 18:01
By Bill Banks
-----Collapse )

TNA en Portugal
Mike Johnson @ 3:30:00 PM on 1/3/2007
I'd like to thank José Antonio for all his help from Portugal.

TNA's roster will begin heading to Portugal today for several events promoted by APW titled "Impacto Total". The Portugese events will feature the following scheduled matches:

1/5/07 Lisbon, Portugal:

*Kurt Angle vs. winner of Fan Balloting (Fans can vote for AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels)
*Rhino vs. 2nd Place winner
*Third Place vs. Fourth Place
*NWA champion Abyss vs. Christian Cage
*Jerry Lynn vs. Brother Runt
*10 Man Gauntlet to determine APW Portugese championship
*Team 3D vs. Voodoo Kin Mafia
*Four Way: Pac vs. Jodie Fleisch vs. Spud vs. Jonny Storm
*Christy Hemme vs. Gail Kim

1/6/07 Oporto, Portugal:

*Kurt Angle vs. Poll Winner (Same nominees) *Rhino vs. Second Place Winner
*Third Place Winner vs. Fourth Place Winner
*NWA champion Abyss vs. Christian Cage in a Street Fight
*Christy Hemme vs. Gail Kim
*Spud & Jonny Storm vs. Jodie Fleisch & Pac
*Team 3D (all three) vs. Voodoo Kin Mafia & Jerry Lynn

The Portugal events have been heavily promoted with TNA stars appearing in magazine and newspaper articles to push the event. Kurt Angle was featured in Portugal's version of TV Guide and there will be a lot of TV advertising airing in the next week. Local celebrity Axel (who does commentary for TNA's Portugese language version of Impact on Eurosport) has been doing a lot of hard selling and promoting for the events.
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1/2/07 11:29 pm - carved_dreams - TNA & UWF shows

by Mike Johnson @ 8:12:00 PM on 1/1/2007


For Immediate Release:

Great tag team action will be on display when the UWF opens its 2007 tour February 2nd and 3rd in Wilson and Wilmington, NC, as Matt Bentley and Frankie Kazarian have been added to the card as well as Ron "The Truth" Killings and Lance Hoyt, who have been teaming together recently in TNA Wrestling.

Already announced for the shows are Scott Steiner, Steve Corino, Jerry Lynn, D- Lo Brown, Maven, April Hunter, and more.

The UWF will be making a huge announcement about additional talent for these events next Monday. Tickets are on sale now. For event and ticket information, visit www.uwfusa.com.

by Mike Johnson @ 8:12:00 PM on 1/1/2007

TNA officially announced that Jerry Lynn would return to the ring, challenging X-Division champion Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin in a Three-Way match on the 1/14/07 Final Resolution PPV.

Tossing Salt - Worldwide News: December 3, 2006
Doug Maynard - Doug28352@yahoo.com
Written for: http://www.wrestle-zone.co.uk

You know what really galls me about TNA though? They have talent available, some of the best talent in the world, and they just ignore them or don't use them properly. Senshi, aka Low Ki, is a phenomenal performer. He reminds me of a frog, but that's just me. But the guy has some great moves, a loyal fanbase and charisma. But he hasn't been on TNA TV since dropping the X-Division title back three champions ago. Whassup with dat?

Another great example, probably the best of all, is Jerry Lynn. This is a man who has performed in WCW, WWE and ECW and has a fan base as loyal as anyone. He's got charisma and personality and is credited with helping to develop the X-Division and make it into what it was, pre-Russo - the most exciting wresting on TV for quite a while. And he's in great shape and ready, willing and able to get in the ring and perform at any time. He wrestles regularly on Indy shows across the nation, so he's over any nagging injuries or ailments. There is absolutely no reason this man isn't being used on TNA TV regularly, except for common ignorance.

TNA wants to succeed and become a strong number two promotion that can compete with the WWE, but even when they have the tools necessary, they just don't use them. Bah! Book Lynn versus Senshi. Have more Sting, Christian, etc. Let AMW & LAX both remain heel teams and just beat the holy hell out of each other and quit trying to complicate things with technicalities and overbooked storylines. There are so many things that TNA could do, needs to do, to make things move smoother and get back on the move upwards, but they seem to be stuck in a rut of over-complication and bad booking.

I don't blame Russo for this either. This was happening before he came back on board. His writing style just seems to amplify it more. It's as much Dutch Mantell and Jeff Jarrett as Russo... and all three men need to sit down and re-evaluate what's going on and where they want to be if things are ever going to get better.

12/15/06 07:26 pm - carved_dreams - Weekend [Thursday - Saturday] Dates

By James Caldwell, PWTorch columnist
Dec 14, 2006, 20:59

2 -- CHRISTOPHER DANIELS vs. PETEY WILLIAMS -- non-title match

cut for spoilersCollapse )

--Insane Championship Wrestling tonight [12/15] in Menomonee Falls, WI headlined by Jerry Lynn

--AAW on 12/16 in Berwyn, IL at the Eagles Club is headlined by Marek Brave vs. Jerry Lynn plus Jimmy Jacobs, Nigel McGuiness, Tyler Black, Trik Davis and Zach Gowen appear

12/10/06 11:40 pm - carved_dreams - TNA Turning Point Results - December 10, 2006

Written by Andy Steven on December 10, 2006 at 23:52:36
Credit: Gerweck.net

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3) X-division title match: Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin (special guest referee: Jerry Lynn).
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12/9/06 05:47 pm - carved_dreams - Impact Report for December 7, 2006

We go to the TNA Spotlight with Jeremy Borash. He talks about Turning Point on Sunday night and he announces that Jerry Lynn will be the guest referee for the X Division title match between Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin.

12/9/06 05:38 pm - carved_dreams - Results and Shows

Fallen Heroes Tournament Results

Midwestern States Pro Wrestling presented the first annual "Fallen Heroes Tournament" this past weekend in Diamond, IL as a way to honor all the wrestlers who paved the way for todays athletes who passed away way before their time was up. Results are as follows:

DAY 1 Results (Friday, Nov. 17):

Tony Rican defeated Truth Martini

Jason Hades pinned "Metal Head" Steve Stone

Derrick St. Holmes Esq. battled Hardcore Craig to a DDQ

"Waterboy" Mike Horning beat DDS

"Irish Crippler" Michael Flannery pinned Justin Dredd

Zach Gowen defeated Bobby Valentino

Silas Young over Brandon Blaze

Jerry Lynn defeated Steve Corino

In a bonus match, The Urban Horseman defeated Dysfunction, Dinn T. Moore, and ADD when Dysfunction deserted both Dinn T and ADD and left them behind

DAY 2 Results (Sat, Nov. 18th)

In the opening bout, Jason Hades defeated Mike Horning by tap out. DDS then came out and challenged Horning to find a partner to take on XXXplicit Content

Michael Flannery beat Tony Rican

Silas Young informed the crowd he wanted a warm-up before his scheduled tournament contest and pinned ADD in less than three minutes

Silas Young then defeated Jerry Lynn

American History Next (Steve Stone and Hardcore Craig) over Steve Corino and Truth Martini when Stone pinned Martini

Jason Hades pinned Zach Gowen

Silas Young defeated Michael Flannery

XXXplict Content beat Team H20 (Mike Horning and Justin Dean)

In the tournament finals, Jason Hades defeated Silas Young to become the first ever Fallen Heroes Tournament winner and the new MSPW Champion.

MSPW returns to Diamond, IL at the Diamond Banquet Hall (55 South Daley Street) on Saturday, December 16th!

Doors Open @ 6:00 PM - Bell Time @ 7:00 PM

X-Division Pioneer JERRY LYNN returns to MSPW!

The first MSPW Title Defense for JASON HADES will take place on Dec. 16th against "Irish Crippler" MIKE FLANNERY !!!

Also appearing, "Metalhead" Steve Stone, Brandon Blaze, XXXPlicit Content, Justin Dean and much more!!!

More matches and talent to be announced in the coming weeks!!!

Advanced Tickets: $10 General Admission - $12 Ringside.

At the Door: $15 General Admission - $17 Ringside.

For more info, call 815-634-6090 or log on to MSPW Online at http://www.mspwrestling.net

IWA East Coast “Stars with Scars”
WE, 11/15 - 7 pm
South Charleston Community Center, Charleston, WV

*Zac Vincent vs. Mike Quackenbush

*Warpig w/ Dr. Max Graves vs. “Omega” Aaron Draven

*Juggulator w/ Crowza & Woody Numbers vs. 2 Tuff Tony

*JD Santon vs. Midnight Rider (possibly Ian Rotten?)

*Sam Hane vs. The Barbarian

*IWA EC Heavyweight champion Chris Hero vs. Jerry Lynn
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11/24/06 12:47 pm - carved_dreams - TNA from Nov. 19 - Nov 30th 2006

TNA Genesis Results (11/19/06): Joe/Angle
Event: TNA Genesis Pay-Per-View Results
Airdate: Sunday, November 19th, 2006
Location: Universal Studios Soundstage 21 in Orlando, FL
Results by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com

Cut for spoilers!Collapse )

Richard Trionfo @ 11:58:00 PM
credit: pwinsider.com
Impact 11/23/06

Cut for Spoilers!Collapse )

Richard Trionfo @ 11:58:00 PM
credit: pwinsider.com
Impact 11/30/06

Cut for Spoilers!Collapse )

By Bill Banks
November 23rd, 2006 14:32

As I write this, I’m sitting back home at my parent’s house in Connecticut watching the Dolphins vs. Lions, just an hour away from stuffing myself silly with turkey, mashed potatoes and mom’s famous broccoli casserole.

Before we know it, Christmas will be upon us and 2006 will give way to 2007, the fifth year for TNA Wrestling as a national (now international) promotion.

So, as we all sit down with our families on this holiday, I wanted to take this opportunity to look at what we have to be thankful for in TNA Wrestling (in no particular order).


Thanks to Scott D’Amore, Terry Taylor, Jerry Lynn and Simon Diamond, who are true locker room leaders

Thanks to our Nashville editing studios –Filmworkers and Zoe Creative – for bending over backwards for us on a daily basis.

Thanks to all of our great fans in Orlando that come out to see our live events

Thanks to Shane Douglas for all the Starbucks coffee

2006 has been a great year for TNA Wrestling and 2007 is looking to be our best yet! To you and yours, enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday!

Meltzer @ 11/7/2006

--If you are looking at booking independent talent,
www.bythebookings.vze.com has people like Jerry Lynn,Chris Hamrick, Zach Gowen, Blue Meanie, Colt Cabana,Sterling James Keenan, Ricky Reyes, M Dogg 20, Altar Boy Luke, John McChesney and Shiima Xion

11/16/06 07:52 pm - carved_dreams - Match in IL..

--AAW from Berwyn, IL ... Next show is 11/25 with Jerry Lynn and Tracy Smothers

11/11/06 01:47 am - carved_dreams - DVDs and Kurt Angle


Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling has announced an agreement
with one of the longest running and most widely known
tape & DVD distributors in professional wrestling
today, RF Video. This is your opportunity to own and
relive some of CAPW's most memorable moments from the
pre-Sports Time Ohio era. For new fans interested in
how Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling came to be what it is
today, or long-time fans who want to re-live great
memories, these DVDs are perfect to add to your home
video library. Among the great titles available…

Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 3/6/05: Chris Hamrick vs.
Kip James; Josh Prohibition vs. Dios Salvador
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 5/1/05: Chris Hamrick vs.
Colt Cabana; CM Punk vs. Chad Collyer
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 6/5/05: Dios vs. Stryker
vs. Prohibition vs. Sabin; Hamrick vs. Collyer
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 7/10/05: Chris Hamrick vs.
Buff Bagwell; Sheik Abdul vs. Dick Trimmins
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 8/8/05: Bagwell & Hamrick
vs. Lightning & Prohibition; M-Dogg 20; Collyer
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 10/2/05: Chris Hamrick vs.
Justin Idol; M-Dogg 20 vs. Shiima Xion
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling 11/6/05: Chris Hamrick vs.
Jerry Lynn; Matt Stryker vs. M-Dogg 20

To purchase CAPW DVDs, follow this link:

Mike Johnson @ 6:30:00 PM on 10/9/2006

TNA has posted video footage on their website http://www.youtube.com/v/9I9PvCdYfzE) of former WWE champion Kurt Angle meeting up with TNA's Terry Taylor at TNA's Orlando hotel and traveling to TNA's TV taping tonight.

Highlights of the video feature Angle meeting AJ Styles for the first time, as well as greeting several performers he's familiar with from past encounters including Shane Douglas, Rhino, and Jerry Lynn. Lynn noted that he hoped to work with Angle before either one of them retired.

Midwestern States Pro Wrestling Has the First Annual
Fallen Heroes Tournament on 11/17 and 11/18 in Coal City, Il

First Round Matches Are:

DDS V Mike Horning

Steve Stone V Jason Hades

Zack Gowen V Winner of Bobby Valentino/brandon Blaze

Truth Martini V Tony Rican

Justin Dredd V Mike Flannery

Hardcore Craig V Derek St Holmes

Silas Young V Keith "Venom" Walker

Jerry Lynn V Steve Corino

Total Nonstop Action will also present their Fan
InterAction event on Saturday from 11am-3pm at the
Shenandoah Country Club, 5600 Walnut Lake Road, in
West Bloomfield, Michigan. Tickets will be available
at the door for $50 beginning at 10am, when doors
officially open. Currently scheduled for the fanfest,
according to TNAwrestling.com are: Kurt Angle, Samoa
Joe, Rhino, Jeff Jarrett, Christian Cage, Team 3D,
Petey Williams, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Abyss,
America's Most Wanted, the TNA Knockouts, The
Naturals, LAX, The James Gang, Jerry Lynn, Chris
Sabin, Scott D'Amore, Don West, Mike Tenay, Eric
Young, James Mitchell, Matt Bentley, Ron Killings,
Bobby Roode and Sonjay Dutt.
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10/25/06 04:21 am - carved_dreams

**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For The Next Two Weeks
Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if used, thanks.

cut 4 spoilersCollapse )

10/24/06 03:34 pm - carved_dreams - Fall (Sept. - Oct.) 2006 news

Event: TNA Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View Results
Airdate: Sunday, October 22nd, 2006
Location: The Compuware Arena in Detroit, MI
Results by 411Wrestling.com
Cut for Spoilers!Collapse )

TNA News: TNA/UWF cancels house show for Friday in Toledo, Ohio
By Chris Vetter, Torch Contributor
Oct 19, 2006, 10:30

TNA/UWF had a house show slated for Friday in Toledo, Ohio. The UWF website (www.uwfusa.com) has posted a message saying that the show has been postponed, and to contact the ticket seller to get a refund.

No reasons were given for the cancellation.

The next TNA/UWF House shows on Nov. 10 in Philadelphia, Penn., and Nov. 11 in East Hartford, Conn., are still listed.

The announced lineup for the now-cancelled Ohio show was: Rhino vs. Abyss, A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. America's Most Wanted, Samoa Joe vs. Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley, The James Gang vs. Petey Williams & A-1, Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young, Jerry Lynn vs. Conrad Kennedy III.

PWInsider.com on 09/28/06
Jose Carlos Silva sent this one:

Hi there, It was announced today here in Portugal, that several TNA Stars are set for the first wrestling show here in Portugal since 1993.

The show will be callad "Impacto Total" (Total Impact), held under the Portuguese Wrestling Association (APW) banner and promoted by Elec3city, the same company that does the children events of "Noddy" and "Bob the Builder", among tons of other Rock and Sports shows throughout the world.

On the Card is already announced that the following talent is scheduled to appear : Jeff Jarrett, Christian Cage, Aj Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Team 3D, Abyss, Jerry Lynn, James Gang, Christy Hemme, Rhino, Brother Runt, Gail Kim, among other talent to be announced from different promotions.

The show will be taking place on October 31st at 9 p.m., in Campo Pequeno Bull Fighting Arena (7000 seat brand new venue), in Lisbon, Portugal (the Capital City).

The show had been attracting tons of coverage here today with newspapers and fan pages boasting about the announcement. Tickets should available from Saturday with prices ranging from 20 to 60 Euros.

TNA will be filming footage of the show for inclusion on Impact. The show will be taking place prior to a scheduled December WWE event that is already sold out.

by Richard Trionfo @ 4:20:00 PM on 9/25/2006
On Kurt AngleCollapse )
After Angle gets past Sabin at Turning Point, they could set up a confrontation between Kurt Angle and Jerry Lynn where Lynn tells Angle that he did not face three men who were serious about the X Division and that if he really wanted to defeat someone who represents TNA’s X Division, why not face the man who made the X Division what it was during its prime. Jerry Lynn would face Kurt Angle at Final Resolution, and after defeating Lynn, he would make the challenge for the title at Against All Odds.

At Against All Odds, Angle would defeat the X Division champion and he would announce that while he will continue to defend the X Division title, he is going to come after the rest of the company and dominate all of TNA the way he did with the X Division. Angle could have matches with Christian Cage, A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, Abyss, and Jeff Jarrett to set up a match between the X Division champion and the NWA World Champion at Slammiversary between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.

That is just a brief look at a way that Kurt Angle’s first few months in Total Nonstop Action could be booked. I am not saying that this is the way that it should be done, but just a way that could revitalize the X Division and then set up a slow seven month build to a Joe versus Angle match. This scenario also factors in that there will be no significant injuries and that some angles will continue, for which there are no guarantees. The inclusion of Jerry Lynn into the angle is based on Buck’s comments during the No Surrender post-show audio, but I also think that Jerry Lynn needs to be used in the ring because if he is healthy enough to wrestle in the ring, he can only help the X Division.

The concept of putting Angle in the X Division was something that came to me when I was leaving the pay per view and was talking to some friends of mine about possibilities for matches involving Kurt Angle with the wrestlers in TNA as well as some independent matches if Kurt Angle would be available to work independent shows for companies like Ring of Honor, Full Impact Pro, or Pro Wrestling Guerilla.

Feel free to send feedback to richard@pwinsider.com
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10/14/06 08:36 pm - carved_dreams - Oct. and Nov. news!

**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! for October 19th!
Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com

-----Collapse )

--MSPW has a Fallen Heroes tournament on 11/17 and 11/18 with Jerry Lynn, Steve Corino, Keith Walker and Zach Gowen
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9/30/06 12:57 pm - carved_dreams - YAY!!

Road agent Jerry Lynn missed the No Surrender PPV and the Impact tapings the next day because his wife was having a baby.

9/24/06 02:33 pm - carved_dreams - NYWC 9/23 Results

From Alan Wojcik;

(6) Plazma became NYWC HI-FI champion when he defeated TNA Wrestling's Jerry Lynn.

Before the match the fans chanted for Jerry Lynn to "give it up," Lynn took the house mic and said he won't give up wrestling is in his blood.

Lynn used his experience to maneuver Plazma into an armlock which Plazma countered. Lynn escaped and went back to a headlock. Plazma escaped and hit Lynn with some moves that ended with Lynn in an armvise. Lynn escaped and blocked a head scissor with a facebuster. Lynn placed Plazma in a chinlock but Plazma's attempted escape failed as Lynn backed him to a corner. Lynn headscissor move sent Plazma to the floor. Lynn followed with a rolling bodyblock. Lynn rolled Plazma back in the ring and got two. Lynn went for a move but Plazma backed Lynn into a corner doing some damage. Plazma followed with corner whips and a clothesline. Plazma avoided a move but Lynn caught him on the floor and dropped Plazma throat first on the guard rail. Plazma repaid Lynn by dropping his crotch on the guard rail and then hitting a ring apron dropkick. Lynn fought back with another shot into the guard railing. Lynn went for a piledriver but Plazma backdropped Lynn to the floor. The action finally came back to the ring where both men went to use a chair but Lynn dropkicked it into Plazma's face. Lynn placed the chair on Plazma's face and went to the second rope but Plazma tossed the chair into Lynn's head. Plazma hit a top rope huricurana for two. Plazma went up top but Lynn followed up and hit a German suplex for two. Lynn went to the floor for another chair and set up for a Cradle Piledriver but Plazma countered into an inverted piledriver onto the chair to win the title.

After the match Plazma helped Lynn to his feet and shook hands.
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9/12/06 11:46 pm - carved_dreams - NYWC RAMPAGE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2006


Plazma vs Jerry Lynn (c)

It was nearly three months ago when Jerry Lynn last competed in an NYWC ring... to be specific, his most recent appearance was on June 24, when he was the victim of a Mikey Whipwreck chairshot in a three-way match for the NYWC Championship. Dickie Rodz walked away with the big belt that night, but Lynn still remained the NYWC HI-FI Champion, and incredibly, he has not defended the title since winning it from Plazma at an NWA Cyberspace event in May. Now, four months after first putting the belt over his shoulder, Jerry Lynn will finally defend the gold against the man who held it for less than 24 hours before losing it to Lynn, one of the most exciting performers in the NYWC, Plazma. There's no question that Plazma is pumped and ready to challenge Lynn for the belt, and no doubt that he will give the veteran a run for his money. But can Plazma's athleticism and recent success propel him to a victory? Or will the more experienced Lynn find a way to defeat Plazma once again and extend his title reign?
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9/9/06 01:05 pm - carved_dreams - Impact from 9/7/06:

*Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviews Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin, and Sonjay Dutt, who are all watching Jackass. Jerry Lynn questions why they aren’t getting ready for their matches, and they said they are watching for ideas.
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8/29/06 02:30 pm - carved_dreams - Interviews and Jerry Lynn matches this weekend in the Mid-West!!

Steve Corino also discussed Terry Funk, Major League Wrestling, Court Bauer, holding the ECW Title, Aaron Aguilera, The Sandman, Jerry Lynn’s obsession with death metal, RVD and Sabu’s arrest, the AWA and more in this 50 minute classic interview on the final BWR!

Go to BarbaricWrestling.com to download the interview and the entire final edition of BWR now!

Kevin Kelly Interview!

Kevin talked about one of his favorite experiences in wrestling, which happened very recently. Kevin and Charlie Haas had the opportunity to sit at a table with Les Thatcher, Dr. Tom Prichard, Terry Taylor, Jerry Lynn, Jim Cornette, and “Cowboy” Bill Watts as they discussed wrestling. Kevin and Charlie were just in awe of the knowledge and experience surrounding the table. Kevin said that the love these men had for wrestling was still there, and noted that the love of the business is something that is missing from WWE these days.

Wrestling Weekly is a part of the Wrestling Radio Network at http://www.wrestlingradionetwork.com, with replays also available at http://www.audiowrestling.com. The Wrestling Weekly radio program featuring Doc Young and Les Thatcher can be heard every Tuesday from 8:00-10:00pm EST at http://www.wrestlingweekly.com.

NIW Wrestling;
Welcome BackWeekend (Feat. Jerry Lynn)!

Friday, Sept. 1st - Crystal Event Center - Crystal, MN 55429
(just minutes away from the Twin Cities!)
Doors @ 7:30 PM - Tickets $10

Saturday, Sept. 2nd - Northstar Event Center - Amery, WI 54001
(One hour Northeast of the cities)
Doors @ 7:30 PM - Tickets just $8

8/13/06 12:41 pm - carved_dreams - NIW (Northern Impact Wrestling) News & Notes [Sept.]

NIW (Northern Impact Wrestling) News & Notes

SEPTEMBER 1, 2006 - Welcome Back Weekend: Night One
Doors @ 7:30p.m Tickets $10
Crystal Ballroom - Crystal, MN
4947 West Broadway, 55429

Darin Corbin vs. Jerry Lynn

NIW UNIVERSAL Championship
Kid Krazy© vs. Joey Envy

Fan’s Request
NIW IMPACT Championship:
The Prophet© vs. Ryan Cruz

The 4th Encounter
“Thee Suntan Superman” Cody O’ Neill vs. “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon


SEPTEMBER 2, 2006 - Welcome Back Weekend: Night Two
Doors @ 7:30p.m Tickets $8
Northstar Event Center - Amery, WI
1961 100th St. 54001

“The Anarchist” Arik Cannon vs. Jerry Lynn


8/13/06 12:12 am - carved_dreams - TNA Hard Justice PPV Preview (August 13, 2006)

Kevin Nash vs. Chris Sabin

Ever since Kevin Nash has returned to TNA, he has tried to take over the X-Division. With help from Alex Shelley, he is trying to attain an "X-Division style". Since then though, he has gotten a win over Chris Sabin at TNA's Slammiversary. Chris Sabin has been the represenitive of what the X-Division stands for. Jay Lethal, and Chris Sabin did get a win over Shelley and Nash at last month's Victory Road though. Afterwards, Nash and the Paparazzi put the beatdown on the two, but Jerry Lynn came down to make the save. It is safe to believe that Jerry will be in Sabin's corner to counter Alex Shelley during this contest to determine the possible fate of the X Division.
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7/29/06 03:01 am - carved_dreams - TNA iMPACT Results - July 27, 2006

Credit: Jules of LordsOfPain.net

We're back from commercial and Jerry Lynn has some sound advice for Chris Sabin regarding his situation with Kevin Nash. Lynn says Nash has made a mockery out of Sabin and the X Division. Lynn slaps the taste of Sabin and tells him to scream. Sabin obliges with a rather weak attempt at screaming, as we then cut to the Impact Zone where Christian Cage emerges with a microphone.
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7/27/06 11:41 pm - carved_dreams - MCW results and injury news

Jerry Lynn suffers minor injury
Posted by: "Stacy King" stacykingdoll@yahoo.com
Thu Jul 13, 2006 9:07 am (PST)

Jerry Lynn suffered a minor injury on Sunday at the Maryland Championship Wrestling show when he fell onto the floor and up against the glass display case carrying the MCW cruiserweight title belt, cutting open his right hand. He got it wrapped up in duct tape soon after.


Last night, Maryland Championship Wrestling continued
its' annual tradition of honoring the late Brian S. Howser, aka Lifetime MCW Light-Heavyweight Champion Shane Shamrock, with the 6th Annual Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup (from the MCW Arena in Dundalk, MD). The mother & daughter of the late Brian Howser, along with 1999 & 2003 Shamrock Cup Winner CHRISTIAN YORK, were there to present the trophy to the winner.

DEREK FRAZIER def. "The Technician" TOM CARTER & BAD

The finale featured Derek Frazier vs. Jerry Lynn vs.
Chris Sabin vs. Steve Anthony vs. Petey Williams vs. Ruckus in a 6-way dance (six-man elimination match). Prior to the start of the finale, it was announced that Chris Sabin's MCW Cruiserweight Championship will be on the line.

The order of elimination:
1. Jerry Lynn def. Steve Anthony
2. Petey Williams def. Jerry Lynn
3. Chris Sabin def. Petey Williams
4. Derek Frazier def. Chris Sabin
5. Ruckus def. Derek Frazier

2006 Shamrock Cup Winner & new MCW Cruiserweight Champion: RUCKUS

In non-tournament action:
-April Hunter & Talia got into a fight with Candie &
Angela, leading to the announcement of a ladies tag team match on July 22nd

Tickets available now via www.ticketmonster.com or



7/18/06 11:45 pm - carved_dreams - TNA NEWS;

Location: Orlando, FL
Credit: WrestleView.com

- Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal defeated Kevin Nash & Alex Shelley. The finish saw Sabin get a quick rollup on Shelley while lifting his body up to get the pinfall. After the match, Sabin and Lethal started attacking Nash when Shelley and Devine got involved. Jerry Lynn ran out with a steel chair in hand for the save to send Nash, Shelley and Devine to the outside. Mike Tenay brings up how Lynn is an agent with TNA right now. Lynn throws down his TNA Agent badge and challenges Nash, Shelley and Devine to hit the ring. They stand back staring him down as Lynn attends to Sabin and Lethal.

--TNA runs Friday night (July 21) in Williamston, NC at the Eastern Agricultural Center and Saturday night in Jacksonville, NC at the Commons Rec Center. Even though fired on television, Earl Hebner will be doing a promo on Friday night. Jerry Lynn vs. Alex Shelley has been added on Friday, as well as A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe & Petey Williams in a non-title match. Jacksonville has Samoa Joe vs. Rhino and Styles & Daniels defend the NWA tag titles against the winner of The James Gang vs. AMW from the first night.
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7/11/06 03:17 pm - carved_dreams - 6/19/2006 Results 3XW

--3XW from Saturday night in Waukee, IA:
Mason Hunter b Devin Carter, Zach Thompson b Aaron Masterson, Tony Sly b Mikey, Jeremy Wyatt b Buck Albright, Matt Fitness & Kid Krazy b Brian Ash & Austin Bayliss, Ben Sailer & Nate Bash b Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz, Mark Sterling b Casanova, Gage Octane b Jerry Lynn, Tony Scarpone b Egotistico Fantastico (thanks to Todd Countryman)

7/11/06 03:08 pm - carved_dreams - The latest Dr. Keith Lipinski Show!

Posted by Larry Csonka on 07.07.2006

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap: Totally 80's Edition
Recap by Brian Cooper of www.bigvanvader.com

Listen now!
http://www.puroresupower.com/powerhour/shows/drkeith-7-06-2006.mp3 (right click, save as)

Joey Eastman of Totally Tool Wrestling

Political talk and a rival wrestling shows. Joey says he doesn't pay people anyway, so the least they could do is show up. Keith asks about Warrant Winger and if Joey met up with him at the Cinderella/Poison concert 2 weeks ago? It's confirmed that Warrant Winger is actually Jerry Lynn! Justin Credible/PJ Polaco/Aldo Montoya/jockstrap talk comes next.

Saturday July 15, 2006
Berwyn Eagles Club (Berwyn IL) 3pm (two hours and 19 minutes)
1. To determine the Best Wrestler Ever: Eric Priest as Father Guido Sarducci vs. Mark Kayfabe(~!)
2. FALLS COUNT SOMEWHERE: Ryan Boz as G.I. Boz vs. Danny Daniels as Destroy w/ Billy Whack as The Commander
3. 3 Man Battle Royal: Ed Chuman vs Zach Gowen vs. Jerry Lynn as Warrant Winger

6/29/06 06:10 pm - carved_dreams - TNA Hardcore War and NYWC results / videos

Videos From TNA Hardcore War

Team 3D promo part 1; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMRb85ef-mc

Part 2: Spike Dudley tears up WWE contract and shoots on WWE/ECW; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq8TVPuCXAo

Petey William giving Jerry Lynn the Canadian Destroyer; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGEev3oGs-k

NYWC RAMPAGE RESULTS - JUNE 24, 2006 (Deer Park, NY)
NYWC Wrestling


After Matt Hyson won the NYWC Championship in spectacular fashion at last month's NYWC Rampage, it seemed that, at least for some time, Jerry Lynn would be the one man with his sights set directly on Hyson, especially considering how that night in May ended. However, when the two were set to lock up on June 24, none other than Dickie Rodz arrived to insert himself into the main event... and thanks to some unintentional assistance from Mikey Whipwreck, ended up pinning Jerry Lynn and walking away with the title!

Now a three-time NYWC Champion, Dickie has achieved what no other competitor has in the New York Wrestling Connection. And with Crusher Doogan watching his back, he might just be set for a lengthy reign. Of course, there will be plenty of hungry contenders ready to commandeer the gold, but for now, Rodz is the man on top of the mountain.

Jerry Lynn vs. Dickie Rodz vs. Matt "LSD" Hyson (c)

Winner and NEW champion : Dickie Rodz by pinfall

Dickie Rodz is your very first three-time NYWC Champion! (VIDEO)
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